Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day

Taking a photo of the view at Green Lake in Seattle, WA
The patient continues to heal and his excitement this week was that he was able to mow the lawn with the walk behind mower. Of course, he took a break--mandatory by my standards--just to be sure that he wasn't overdoing it.

He is a terrific dad. He went to dance performances, swim meets and water polo matches when the two daughters lived at home. Even now, he counts laps for A when she does the postal swims and does activities like power washing her steps when she asks.
Excited about seeing his first grandchild for the first time
When N comes to visit, he spends a lot of time planning her favorite dishes and then passes it off like it was no big deal! He always wants to FaceTime with her first when she calls.

He takes grandparenthood most seriously, he reads stories, drives the grands to the library and "convinces" me when they really "need" to have lunch at McDonald's!  He is really a softie underneath that exterior; but, you didn't hear that from me! 😃

Playground antics with the grands
He is all about family and there is nothing that he wouldn't do to make life easier for his daughters, his granddaughters or the men in his daughters' lives. Today though, he is kicking back and taking it easy, although he tells me that by this evening, he is cooking his famous burgers on the grill for dinner!

This afternoon, I met a friend whose dad died a few weeks after mine. We met at his favorite pub and we had a beer, some food and told stories. My dad would have approved and I bet had they met one another, they would have been friends. They shared the same work ethic and fishing/camping/hunting hobbies. I do miss my dad; but, I am glad that he isn't struggling to breathe. We're planning to get together on our dad's birthdays and Father's Day when we can. 

Work is progressing on the chicken; but because progress is slow, I won't bore you with a photo of those pebbles! I will tell you that I will blog about another project that I need to complete soon in my next post.


Muis said...

Lovely ode to your husband...sounds like a great man! said...

He is truly the best in all ways! Thanks for stopping by!