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Sunday, April 2, 2017

2nd Quarter Finish A Long Goals 2017

First the good news. . .I completed four of the 11 projects that I listed for the first quarter number of Finish A Long 2017. I finished Winter Ice, Hawaii, One Bag and Two Bag

As per usual, I thought that I would achieve a lot more finishes. Rather than being hard on myself for being such a turtle, I'm celebrating what I have accomplished. My finishes represent four Christmas gifts which is terrific!

It is time to get serious about what I think I can accomplish in the second quarter of the year!
1. "Chickens"
The first project of focus for 2nd quarter!
1. Finish the chickens! I KNOW!!!! This has been an ongoing project for a decade. I did manage to get it into a top last quarter. Surely, I can get it basted and quilted before the next quarter ends!!!

2.-4. Are three projects in JoJo's passport--Oregon, Canada and England. Visit her at Through My Hands to learn more. I did finish the Hawaii project last quarter!

2. Mt. Hood project fabrics
2. This is the Oregon project. I see Mt. Hood out my window on a clear day and love the view. Using her pattern, my project will include a lake in the view which is fine! There will be several firsts achieved when I finish this project. I've been working on this project and have had fun; but, I didn't finish it last quarter. I will finish it this quarter! 

Nope, I haven't posted about it. . .well, I've shared some photos; but, haven't shared the whole project yet! For now, I'll just tell you the reveal is coming!

3. Canada hot pad fabrics

3. Canada hot pad project. I'll get to play with hexagons on this project and it is small. It contains some tiny details!

4. Tea room fabrics

4. London tea room project. There is a lot of appliqué in this project and the opportunity to embroider those words with my machine instead of appliquéing them!
Turn a section of this photo into a quilt

5. Work on the group quilt project.  I have the photo; but, I haven't received the instructions for what fabrics I can use and I'm not even sure how many people are working on this project. . .I'm thinking there are 6-8! At any rate, we are given a part of this photograph to recreate in fabric and then we put our parts together and have the whole photo at the end. So. . .being accurate in the size will be extremely important! I haven't done this before so I'll be expanding my box which is goal number 2!!!!!

6. Figure out what to do with these parts!

6. Figure out what to do with those hexagons made using different techniques and get them into a finished wallhanging!

7. Finish this top--perhaps a little
"Jean Wells" technique for added interest?

7. Finish that project that I appliquéd some leftover pieces to a sparkly background. I think I want to go a little "Jean Wells" to create an interesting background on part of that sparkly black!

8. Finish this BOM Mystery from last year

8. Finish this BOM mystery quilt I worked on last month with an online group. I have the last clue to piece.

9. Mend one shirt and shorten the hem in
two pairs of pants

9. Shorten the hem on two pairs of jeans and shorten the sleeves on a white t-shirt. I have had these jeans and the shirt two and a half years. Can you tell that I dislike mending and alterations? 

I'm at the point though where I could use the jeans. The shirt, I loved.  I wore it twice and left it in the bathroom drying on the towel bar where our sweet Bailey as a baby promptly proceeded to "decorate" it her way with a few teeth marks. Perhaps, owning up to it here will get me to actually do the alterations!!

10. Make 45 folded stars

10. Make 45 folded stars for the fall retreat

11. Make two pillow cases

11. Stitch two pillow cases that coordinate with the chicken wall hanging.

So, there you have it. . .last quarter, I listed 11 projects and finished four. This quarter, I'm listing 11 projects. I plan to have more success in the finishing department than last quarter. Don't get me wrong, I'm still allowing myself to start a new project too!


  1. Hay, on your sliced picture project, I'd love to know who formed your group because I did a group such as this years ago and want to do another someday. Perhaps if the group does another one some time I could get in on it. It will be a wonderful project!

    1. Deana, Thanks for question. The photo is the place where we hold our Featured Artist Quilt show is year. The management doesn't charge us to hang our show. As we took down the show last fall, one guild member came up with the idea and then people volunteered to be part of the process. We will give the finished project to the management. I've not done this and I hope my section doesn't stink up all the other wonderful work done!

  2. P.S. your Chicken quilt is fantastic! It has so much detail and the colors are perfect!

    1. Thanks, Deana! It's been a work in progress for a long time!

  3. Wow! The chickens are so cool. I know how much work those art quilts are, so I understand completely why it's been in the works that long. My Wind in the Whiskers just might hit that time frame.

    1. Thanks, Lynette. Your Wind in the Whiskers has many more details than the chickens! Thanks for visiting!

  4. Sounds like you have a lot of great projects to work on! I really can't wait to see how you quilt the chicken quilt.

    1. Nancy, Ahhh. . .now, if I can just get more of these projects to the
      "finish" this quarter!!! As for quilting the chicken quilt. . .I can't wait either! (I hope some inspiration happens soon!)

  5. Terry,
    I found the best way to hem jeans! No kidding, it takes minutes, looks great, and is the only way I'll ever do them in the future! If you still have them to hem, give me a shout and I'll find the printed directions to send to you. It was on Pinterest, you actually just make a tuck above the existing hem. Stitch very close to that hem. No one can even notice it.

    1. I saw that technique, I hope it works! Thanks, Luann!

  6. Geez...I feel like a sloth after reading your post. Whew...I need to rest for you! :)

    1. JoJo, I didn't complete a gazillion blue polos for a customer. . . you're no sloth!!!! My plan is probably out of reach; but, it would be great to finish more than four projects over the next quarter! :)

  7. Wow, the chicken project looks stunning. I hope you progress it. Good luck tackling your projects the next quarter.

    1. Thanks for coming to visit my blog and for your kind comment about my chicken project!


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