Sunday, June 4, 2017

Month 5 of 8 QAYG (Quilt As You Go)

Nice; but, not what was intended!
This was the toughest month for me to complete with the Quilt As You Go (QAYG) lessons so far. We used the 6" spiral template for block one and two. Truly, the first block was straightforward. The challenge for me was that I needed to reverse the design. Reversing the design after I have stitched it in one direction is a challenge for my thought process. I carefully followed the video instructions. . .although I couldn't see the whole part of the project, so of course, the first time through I didn't manage to actually reverse the pattern. It is a mirror image though!

Better orientation
The second time through, I got it mostly right. If I were beginning again, I would chalk the design. Hindsight is so crystal clear! Had I chalked the design, I would have seen that I had the orientation of the second swirl going in the same direction! I also would have saved time ripping!

Seed pod
The second block created a sort of seed pod design. I had some challenges with this one too! Again, I had a difficult time orienting the ruler to get the design to line up where it was supposed to be. Mostly, I stitched in the correct "area."

I write "area" because I didn't realize that the third and fourth lines of the seed pod aren't a mirror image. This caused my design to not be quite centered when I stitched the vertical lines in the background. I can live with this spacing issue.

Clamshell variation
Block three, now that one was a bugger. We used the clamshell template and I ripped this block more times than all the other blocks together! I'm not pleased with my rendition of the block; but, it is finished and that is what counts most! I sure couldn't figure out how to line up the template so that I had the results that I wanted.

Straight line design
Stitching block four, was a piece of cake. We were to use the 12 inch arc template. I could see this straight line pattern on a log cabin block. I didn't stitch it perfectly. Again there were some times when I needed to flip the design and I ended up stitching it the same way instead of a mirror image! I'm consistent when it comes to making mistakes!

We have four blocks to stitch next month and then it will be time to put all the blocks together!


Nancy said...

All of your blocks look great to me! What a fun project!!

Monica said...

I agree, mirror image is a mind twister. It seems like this has been a real challenge so far. Do you think you will use the techniques on future quilts? said...

Nancy, I'm glad the blocks "view" well. It has been an interesting project. said...

Monica, some of the techniques I will use. Some of the techniques, I'd need to rewatch the video to replicate! Some of that need is my challenge of reversing the pattern and perhaps some of that need is because template work is so outside of my comfort zone!