Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Another Kitchen Towel

 Goal number 12 on my February list to make another decorative kitchen towel. I thought I'd use these two fabrics; but, I decided the red was too bold. 

Original plan
I actually stitched this project as a leader ender as I finished my Lime Sprinkle top! I went a different route with the fabric. I found a blue that could be a subtle transition from the tree fabric to the checked towel fabric.

The finished towel
For the next project, I'll try to center the tree print so that you can see the branches rather than the trunks. This would be a good gift for someone who likes blue. I have a lime green checked towel and a different tree print fabric for the next two towels. 

That is a project for next month! I'm planning to gift kitchen towels to colleagues next December. I started in January and my goal is  to make one or two a month. I was asked in a comment where I get the towel. It is a Dunroven product. I've paid four to six dollars for a towel which I cut in half. Using scraps, a little thread and time, it is an affordable project!

The eighteen inch pile of "stuff"
I also eliminated  the pile that has been on my studio floor for at least a year. This was goal number 11 on my February list. I had saved at least a dozen magazines over the years for inspiration. As I looked at the pages, I pulled patterns that I could make. In the end, I recycled all the magazines but two. Those two magazines contained projects that I "might" make!  There were six quilt books in the pile. I had pulled them off the shelf for possible patterns. There was the stack of medical bills from my September 2022 car accident. These I saved because there are still outstanding bills. While I'm not as good as I was before I was rear ended, I look forward to closing the case. 

There was an equal amount of papers regarding quilt projects, activities and trainings. I filed some and recycled the majority. The biggest find was a little project bag that I have been trying to find! I have a plan for that project! Finally, there was my art journal. There are still some blank pages. I placed ii with my other art supplies. Now there is open floor space which is great. 

It wasn't the awful experience I had anticipated. Although, I'd much rather be stitching than cleaning or organizing! Next month, I'll choose another "pile" to tackle. Little by little, I'll regain control of my sewing space!


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Terry, for your kitchen towels, do you buy a special towel fabric and add the decorative fabric as a trim? I bet those do make great gifts! And the plague of ever-present piles - that's a problem at my house, too!

Rebecca Grace said...

HOORAY for rediscovering your project bag, Terry! I am looking forward to getting my hands on my Deco project in a couple weeks when all of our household possessions arrive in Florida and get unpacked. I am anticipating a need for a Second Purge…. ;-)

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

I am always trying to tackle the "piles" especially those that grow around my sewing area. I have always had an affection for kitchen towels; making a decorative one for each month sounds like a great project.

Jill at emeraldcottage said...

I too have a dreaded pie of stuff that needs sorting however its all official letters and bills that need filing, no fun craft stuff sadly!