Wednesday, December 20, 2023

2024 RSC Block--Sample--post 1

Some of the selvages in the under 18 inches bag
Goal number nine on my December list was to figure out a block to make each month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC) that Angela over at Scrap Happy hosts each year. I didn't participate last year as I hadn't finished either of the projects that I had begun the two years that I did participate. I have missed playing along though!

Block example
I haven't finished either quilt; but, that could happen sometime this year! I've been collecting selvages for years. The container where I store them is swelling so it is time to begin making the selvages into something useable!!! I began collecting selvages because the graphics are interesting.It seemed wasteful to through them away!

Gluing the selvages together
I've been thinking about a block. A couple months ago I bought a background fabric. I pulled a pattern that I have saved from the January/February 2021 issues of Quiltmaker magazine. Yesterday, I began a sample block.

Adding another selvage

First, I cut a selected selvage into four, four inch segments. I cut the same fabric four times because I wanted this block to feel "planned." I made a pencil mark on the back of the selvage a quarter inch from the edge. I placed a fine line of glue dots in the penciled area.

Pressing the glue dry
I placed the next selvage on the glue dots and pressed it into place. I waited a few minutes. Then I pressed the strip to dry the glue.

Securing the selvage
After the glue was secure, I stitched about an eighth of an inch from each selvedge edge to "make" my fabric. I kept adding segments until my section was four inches square. If my selvages are too similar in value, I will need to throw in a "rouge" to liven up the block. When I have a remaining segment that is too short to be cut into four equal pieces, I'll add it to the selvages strings I began piecing before the pandemic. I didn't and still don't have a plan for the strings. . .yet! 

Four blocks ready to be assembled.
I auditioned the four blocks against the grey background and I wasn't moved. I didn't like it against a cream background either. 

Different yellow fabrics for the background
I decided yellow would be a cheerful neutral. I'll make at least one block each month in the color that Angela posts. Sorting the selvages is messy; but, worth the effort. I think that these will be fun to make. I'll use a variety of the yellow fabrics.  . . .at least that is what I think at this moment! Linking to Cynthia at Oh Scrap.


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I enjoy collecting selvages, too, but have never done much with them. Your block looks like a good one to feature them, Terry! You'll have to show us a few close-ups when you make a new block so we can what is on each one! Merry Christmas!

Chantal said...

I'm very interested in your project. It will be fun to see it grow through the new year. Have a lovely Christmas. ;^)

karenbbsnow said...

Looks like fun, great quilting therapy with all the memories from previous projects.

maggie fellow said...

that will be fun to watch said...

That looks so interesting. I also collected selvages for a long time but eventually found someone online who wanted them. I can't throw them out, but I learned that they're not my cup of tea. If you are anyone needs more, just shout out and I'm sure many of us can provide.