Sunday, April 3, 2022

First Quarter Recap--Second Quarter Goals 2022

2022 Temperature quilt parts
My First Quarter Goals were:✔1. Finish Frolic. --I did finish hand stitching the binding, sleeve and label. 

✔2. Finish the heart wall hanging project. I completed the project.

3. Help Miss J finish her Churn Dash project. Had she not come down with a nasty cold and had we not had some snow and icy weather on the days we had planned to stitch, she would have completed her top in December. She stitched one more border and pieced the back. Update: Miss J and I will get her quilt finished after school ends. We weren't able to complete the quilting in March after all. 

 ✔4. Fully finish the hand embroidery project. In December, I completed the stitching. I found a frame and mat in January. Janice over at A Positive Outlook inspired me to take on this project. I completed it and now it is hanging in my newest granddaughter's room.

Three small cross stitch/hand work projects
5. Finish the Lone Star. I thought that I would piece the back and get it sandwiched last December; but that didn't happen! Update: I did sandwich it and pin baste it in January. Since then, I've done nothing except consider quilting options in my head. I'll revisit this project in September.

 ✔6. Finish the String of Lightening quilt. 

 ✔7. Finish two flannel baby quilts. These are for my newest granddaughter who arrived March 11. They are in her room and ready for use!

Some past Thread Tales projects to document
 ✔8. Make progress on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks for 2022.--I've selected a block in two sizes.

 ✔9. Make progress on the Temperature quilt for 2022. In December, I determined the pattern. I ordered the hand dyed fabrics and the materials I need to English Paper Piece the project. In January, I purchased the background fabric and the fabrics that I plan to use for the third side of the cube. 

❤10. Document the Thread Tales Quilts that I stitched in 2009 and 2010. 

Book club project base materials
Summary: I listed ten goals for myself. I completed seven of the goals and made progress on one. I have a plan for completing the other two goals. It was a great quarter!

Second Quarter Goals:
1. Make progress on the book club quilt for this quarter. I have an idea and am taking supplies with me on my trip.

2. Make progress on the Temperature quilt for 2022. Last quarter, I figured out the layout and pieced all the days in January together. I need to piece all the days of February together. I'm still behind; but, I feel like I am beginning to catch up! I'll take some time during the second quarter to write posts about my process and progress. 

3. Work on three small cross stitch projects.

4. Use Wednesdays to document the Thread Tales Quilts that I haven't written a post. I thought that there were four quilts; but there are more than that number. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that there are about a dozen projects that I haven't documented.

5. Document the Saturday workshops that I've taken.

This is the shortest list I've written; but, I'll be spending many hours rocking and snuggling that newest granddaughter! I envision lots of walks along the Thames!


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Oh, you left the best for last, Terry! I bet you're looking forward to the upcoming trip. Meanwhile, you've gotten a lot done in these first months of the year. I love your heart tablerunner!

Jill at emeraldcottage said...

wow you did amazingly well on your goals! Good luck for the next quarter!

Rebecca Grace said...

It sure has been a busy month for you. And as for Miss J's quilt -- tell her she's now officially a REAL quilter, because now she has a UFO/WIP! :-)

maggie fellow said...

congrats on meeting so many of your goals - and a sweet new grandbaby.