Wednesday, August 4, 2021

July Recap and August One Monthly Goal (OMG)

Month of July blocks for Temperature quilt
In July, I worked another ten days! I helped 62 participants earn their American Heart Basic Life Support CPR certification and I helped four people earn their Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor certification. Additionally, I spent two days learning a little bit about Thomas, the longarm. I quilted two charity quilts on Thomas. This was goal number seven on my July list.

I met my OMG which was to string piece the fabrics I needed for my challenge quilt.  Gertie, my inner squirrel, encouraged me to keep stitching after I had pieced all of the strips. I have completed the top. Piecing the strips was goal number one! It was awesome to be an over achiever!

One Monthly Goal

Goal number two was to begin piecing the Santa tree skirt. At a Sit and Sew on Zoom, I pieced about half of the Santa blocks in about five hours. A few days before I started the piecing, Gertie, diverted my attention. She had been whispering in my ear to spend time stitching the lone star strips together on the project that I began last January. I caved. I had to agree with her as I was over having that project in my line of sight and taking up room on the ironing surface day after day. Gertie's "nudge" helped me finish piecing the star legs! 

Goal three and four
Goal number three was to finish the leggings for the granddaughters which I did. Actually, the youngest granddaughter stitched her own pair of leggings with my supervision. I appreciated the assistance. Anytime that I can stitch with a granddaughter is a great day! 

I was successful with goal number four which was to piece a few border blocks for Frolic to see if I liked my idea. I kept up with piecing blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and the temperature quilt which was goal number five. Goal number six was to think about a design for the next book club quilt and I have an idea. I met ALL of my goals for July which was GREAT! 

For August, again, I'm trying to hold back Gertie's exuberance and to set attainable goals. My daughter from London is here for a long visit and I want to be able to spend time with her and the family. 

Goal five string piece blocks in aqua 
On August 1, I pieced the back, layered and pin basted the challenge quilt. I plan to begin the quilting process and at least have the ditch quilting finished by the end of the month. This is going to be my One Monthly Goal and goal number one.

I'm linking to:
Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal August Link-up Please visit the link and see all the other awe inspiring goals that people have listed.  

Goal eight figure out the background fabric
Goal number two is to continue piecing the border for Frolic.

Goal number three is make progress on my log cabin block.

Goal number four is to work on the cross stitch goose.

Goal number five is keep up with the temperature quilt blocks and the RainbowScrap Challenge. Aqua is the color this month.

Goal number six is to start working on the book club project. 

Goal number seven is to quilt one day on Thomas, the longarm.

Goal number eight is to figure out the background fabric for my Lone Star project. The pictured fabrics weren't the "one!"

Goal number nine is to make more progress on the Santa tree skirt.

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Janice Smith has left a new comment on your post "July Recap and August One Monthly Goal (OMG)":

Gee, Terry, I get tired just reading about all you have accomplished. You are amazing!!!
Enjoy every minute of your daughter’s visit. :-()

Janice, I've been trying to do better at achieving my goals and making better progress. I am enjoying my daughter's visit. I'm currently working on a tiny cross stitch refrigerator magnet. . . .that cross stitch is hard!!! You make it look so easy!

Mereknits said...

You have been so busy and so creative! Both my older boys were swimmers and had to take life guard training so they could teach little ones how to swim. Both of them earned 200 hours of volunteer hours for school doing just that. Have a wonderful weekend. said...

Meredith, I miss the pool! I became a lifeguard so that I would know how to keep myself and my little ones safe when they wanted to spend all their swim time in the deep end. . .well, the whole pool was deep end to them and they wanted to jump off the blocks. Oh the memories of those days! I image your boys were great lifeguards and wonderful swim instructors. Maybe, my pool will open sometime in 2022!