Sunday, July 4, 2021

June Recap and July One Monthly Goal

June temperature blocks
Working ten days last month plus a four night sleep over with the granddaughters, cut into my personal studio time. I, however, wouldn't have changed the activities. I am adjusting to getting back to the aquatic side of my life. I LOVED spending every minute with the granddaughters. I do plan to make fewer goals in July because of work and because --fingers crossed--our London daughter is planning to visit for an extended holiday. I hope that Biden will lift the travel restriction involving the UK. 

Strings for the challenge project--my OMG
In June, I kept up with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I also kept up with making temperature quilt blocks. June had some high temperatures. We had some days over 100 with one day reaching 112 degrees Fahrenheit. I can't remember a time it was that hot in Oregon! The yellow and orange circles represent temperatures 90's and 100's respectively. This was goal number one. I also finished the penguin family quilt which was goal number two. I did determine the HST arrangement for the border of Frolic which was goal number four; but, I haven't made any progress toward actually stitching a few blocks together to determine if I like the actual result as much as my penciled drawing!

Miss K did finish her mermaid wall hanging which was goal number five. I did start the piecing on my CCQ challenge quilt which was goal number six. I have about 88 inches of the string piecing complete. I need to piece yards and yards of strings in different widths. I'll be at this step awhile. I did finish piecing the Jingle Bell Dance blocks that Gertie, my inner squirrel, convinced me to make to participate in a swap that is happening in September. Making the blocks was goal number eight. I did play with the needle punch attachment on my machine which was goal number 11.

I did not touch the tree skirt project which was goal number three. I didn't work on the embroidery software which was goal number seven. I also didn't start the selvage project that Gertie encouraged me to begin. I'm thinking I may begin it in January and make that project my RSC project for next year. Gertie is okay with delaying the start of the project. The selvage project was goal number nine. Miss J and I didn't sash her blocks which was goal number ten. We likely will save that for August. 
Sashing fabrics and pattern for OMG

I helped 16 people either attain their lifeguard instructor certification or renew it. I also helped 10 of those instructors renew their lifeguard certification. I renewed my lifeguard and lifeguard instructor certification. My pool isn't open nor do I have any idea when it will open. I miss the pool!! 

Santa tree skirt project
I also helped 40 staff at the hospital renew their American Heart Association Basic Life Support CPR certification. All in all, it was a productive month!

For July, I'm listing fewer goals because I'm working/volunteering about twelve days this month; I'm attending a couple in person activities and maybe my London daughter will be here for an extended visit.  My studio time will be less than it was in June!

1. Since I need to submit a photo of my challenge quilt by August 19 for my project to be hung in the CCQ guild quilt show, goal number one is to string piece the strips that I need for the project. I figure if I can string piece all the strips that I need, I'll be able to finish the project in time for the October show. This will be my One Monthly Goal though Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal July Link-up

2. Begin piecing the Santa tree skirt. The pieces are cut and ready for stitching. 

3. Finish those leggings for the granddaughters. I had the project scheduled during their visit. We, however, had the opportunity to go swimming and of course the water won out over stitching leggings! I have ripped the pink pair apart so that I can make them smaller.

4. Make a few border blocks for Frolic to see if I like my idea.

Sew these two pair of leggings
5. Keep up with the RSC and Temperature quilt challenge.

6. Think about designs for the next book club quilt.

7. Spend two days quilting charity quilts on Thomas for the CCQ guild.

I'm linking to Oh Scrap/Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework the challenge quilt, the tree skirt project and the legging project all contain scraps!

Regarding COVID:

Worldwide: 183M cases; 3.93M deaths

United States: 33.7M cases; 605K deaths

Oregon: 209K cases; 2,811 deaths

Last Tuesday, I went to my first in person small group meeting of my quilting book club. It was wonderful to see people in the flesh and to visit without looking at a screen! The visit ended all too soon! We are cautiously optimistic that we will meet in person again for the next reveal in three months. We do plan to continue meeting via Zoom the next two months.

Last Wednesday or June 30 in Oregon, the governor lifted most of the COVID restrictions. We don't have to wear a mask into a restaurant or wear one at the grocery store if you are vaccinated. The restrictions of how many people can gather has also been lifted. The Washington State governor also opened his state with similar cautions in place. People are exercising in gyms without being restricted to the number of people who can be in the space. At the hospital, we are still wearing masks as I believe it should be. 

Last week, I heard the media report that Oregon got to 70% of the population receiving at least one dose of the vaccine. When I wanted to confirm that number, I saw that the number was still 56%. The difference is that the 56% number includes people aged 12 and up; the 70% number includes adults. Other than the in person meet up, my routine has not changed.

Happy 4th. I hope you all will be safe and enjoying friends and family today. Because of the dry conditions, fireworks are banned in our area. Last night, however, I heard the booming sounds for about 45 minutes. There has been passionate rhetoric about how setting off fireworks is a way to honor our freedom. I hope the fireworks start no fires.


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

You did get a lot accomplished in June, even with the granddaughters visiting and time at work. I love the way you're doing the temperature quilt! I hope your hot, dry area doesn't have any trouble with fires caused by fireworks. We have a lot of people setting off fireworks in our neighborhood/city here in N Colorado, too. I think they just like to play with fireworks - no patriotism involved at all. said...

Thank you, Diann! The comments about patriotism came mostly from males and like you, I thought patriotism was a vehicle to "play" with fireworks. Fingers crossed that no fires are started because of fireworks!

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

I hope you chose a one of a kind flaming hot color for that brutal day we had. I hope we don't see a temperature like that for a while. You are always up to something fun. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap! said...

Cynthia--when I planned the fabrics for this project back in October 2020, on a whim, I added a fabric for 105 and over. . .I'm glad that I did! I too hope that temperature was a once in a lifetime experience!!

Embroidery Digitizing said...

I can see lot of fabric to be work on to turn them into an piece of art. said...

Embroidery Digitizing, I'll be happy if I like what I've stitched. . .art? Well, that would be a really wonderful achievement!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Best of luck with those goals for July. Here's hoping the travel ban is lifted so that your daughter will be able to visit, Terry! said...

Joy, My fingers are crossed that she will be able to fly as she had planned. She hasn't been in the U.S. since May 2019. I worked on two goals today and will work on another goal tomorrow!