Sunday, July 25, 2021

Blue or Brown for July Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC)

Brown or blue string decision
When Angela released the color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this month, we had a choice! It could be blue again. If you were finished with blue, you could choose a dark neutral like brown or black! I seriously thought about brown because I have brown strings. 

When I looked at the amount of brown strings I had on hand, I decided that there were far fewer brown strings than were in the the bag of blue strings so blue strings it was! I also didn't have much variety in the brown strings and maybe there wouldn't be enough strings for twelve blocks.
Remaining blue scraps

Therefore, I planned to work with the darker blue shades but found that I didn't have enough strings. In the end, I have more blue blocks. I am okay with having more blue blocks because I have so few blue strings left!

There might be enough brown strings to use as the center of a string block. . .hmm . . .Gertie, my inner squirrel noodled that idea while I stitched twelve more blocks. I imagine she will want to begin that project too. For now, I plan to continue making progress on the the four string projects I have going before beginning another project!

With each set of blocks that I complete, I find that Gertie  
Completed strings

wants to play with design layouts. I keep telling her that we
need to stay stitch the outer edge of the blocks before we get too excited about the design process. So far, she is content with waiting. 

My plan is to stay stitch the block edges with old thread that was in my grandmother's stash. We spent a lot of time together. She taught me to sew and shared many stories of making do during the depression and World War II. She gave away most of what she created. I've stitched her threads along the edge of a quilt when I'm determining the outer edge. It is my way to honor her love of creating and giving!
I'm linking to SoScrappy and the RSC. I'm also linking to Oh Scrap and Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework. This was goal number five on my July list

Regarding COVID: 
Worldwide: 193M cases; 4.14M deaths
United States:  34.4M cases; 610K deaths
Oregon: 215K cases; 2,867 deaths

The Delta variant of COVID continues to infect people worldwide as well as here in the United States. Those unvaccinated are affected most and are filling hospital beds to capacity. In some parts of the world and here in the United States, some restrictions are back in place. I hope that there is not another lock down coming as we have been restricted far too long waiting out this disease.

Some school districts are planning that the students will be maskless in the fall. Since there is no vaccination available for kids under 12, perhaps, more thought and more discussion will produce a different plan for the fall. 

Our London daughter is here for visit. We are grateful she was able to travel as it is wonderful to see her in the "flesh!" She plans to visit friends and family before she heads back to London in about a month. Yes, she is taking an extended vacation and hanging out with family! How special for us!!


Ivani said...

Your string blocks are so beautiful in blue.
Yesterday I got the 2nd shot.I am so grateful to science. But do hope everyone got their vaccine. Numbers in Brazil are so scary.
So glad to know your daughter is there with you.

Jayne said...

Those string blocks are beautiful! They glow! Covid...still worth taking precautions even when you are vaccinated. I don't know if it'll get worse with the Delta variant before it gets better...but I'm not taking any chances! Stay safe! said...

Ivani, I've been thinking about you and hoped you were able to access your second shot. Your numbers in Brazil are scary. It is so sad to have the technology to save lives; but, people won't fully take advantage of the science. I hope you and all your family continue to stay safe. said...

Jayne, I think the "glow" part is what excites, Gertie, my inner squirrel so much. I haven't finished a string pieced quilt yet; but, I'm sure amazed at how wonderful each and every project is. I had no idea that a string could twinkle and glow! I'm watching numbers climb here and even though mask wearing is not mandated, I wear one. I plan to do this until the grandkids who are 7 and 9 can be vaccinated. I hope you are able to do the same!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

String blocks are definitely fun to play with in different layouts! I love your blue ones. We've had our son visiting for a few days, and having an in-person visit is just the best! So glad your daughter was able to come.

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

I am loving your string blocks Terry. thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap! said...

Diann, yes, string blocks are fun to play with in different layouts! There is nothing to equal an in-person visit is there? Have a great time with your son. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! said...

Thanks, Cynthia--these are a bonus block. If you hadn't encouraged me to join the RSC, I wouldn't have made a one and that string bag would have still been overflowing and then some!!!