Sunday, August 29, 2021

Progress on the Log Cabin Block

Starting view at the beginning of August
Stitch number one is a running stitch. Stitch number two is a cross stitch. Stitch number three is a stab stitch and stitch number four is a whipped back stitch. I added the stem stitch (stitch number five) and the back stitch (stitch number six). These stitches I did in the January workshop or soon after. The workshop was using embroidery stitches as embellishment.

At least three evenings a week, I'd look at this project and say. . ."not tonight." Or, I'd pick it up and say, "Hmmm what should I do next?" This past week, Gertie, my inner squirrel, told me to review the stitches in my book and "Get On With IT!" I took her advice. It worked. I made progress.

The book I used for reviewing stitches was "Just Designs"  by Lesley Turpin. I purchased it around 1996; but, I see that there are used copies available on line that range in price between four and eight dollars. I purchased it because there are beautiful examples of designs worked in silk ribbon.

Book for stitch inspiration
I also reviewed stitch tutorials on Mary Corbett's Needle-n-Thread website. Now that I've stitched a few more sections of the "logs," I feel like I am on a roll. Changing thread to incorporate the pink and tan from the center blog felt better to me. Gertie loves color.  She was immediately on board with adding color to the block!

I took this project as handwork to do on my breaks during work last week. I started to berate myself for not bringing a pen or pencil to mark a line in the center of the log. 

Gertie, who was sitting on my shoulder, whispered in my ear, " It's organic. Eye ball where the center is and call it great!" I liked that approach. I liked the depth the pink thread added to the look of the block. Stitch number seven is the wheatear stitch with a colonial knot and stitch number eight is the whipped running stitch. I used pink thread to complete these stitches.

Stitches one through six
Using the tan thread to stitch on the cream logs felt like a good choice. I decided to stitch an organic chain. 

That afternoon, the granddaughters were over for a short visit. They immediately recognized the chain stitch. They were interested in how I formed it. So I showed them. The older granddaughter wanted to stitch it. Any time, a granddaughter has an interest in a sewing related technique or task, I'm on board to let them experience it.

Stitches six and seven
She liked stitching it and immediately made a thumbnail sketch of a potential quilt project using the stitch! I don't know if she will pursue her idea; but she tells me she wants to learn more stitches! I love the thought of creating an embroidery sampler with her!

I have finished  half of the stitching. I plan to finish the stitching next month! I am pleased with the progress that I made. This was goal number three on my August list.

I'm linking to Cynthia and Oh Scrap/Quilting is More Fun Than Housework since my log cabin block is scraps!

Regarding COVID:

Chain stitching
Worldwide: 216M cases; 4.49M deaths                                            United States: 38.8M cases; 637K deaths                                          Oregon: 265K cases; 3,112 deaths

Cases and deaths continue to rise at alarming rates throughout the world. Two Oregon counties, Tillamook and Josephine,  have requested refrigerated trucks to hold the bodies because the funeral homes in those counties have exceeded their limit.  

We chose not to attend college football games this fall season. The rules we received were as follows:
To enter the stadium, you need to show proof of being fully vaccinated or a negative COVID test within the last three days. You will remain fully masked for the entire game.

Miss K having a go at chain stitching
We decided to credit our ticket purchases to next year as we don't feel comfortable sitting shoulder to shoulder in a group, even with masks, for four plus hours. Surely, next year will be better.

One of the participants in the BLS skill sessions told me that one of her patients had passed from COVID an hour before her skill session. I can't imagine how hard it would be to not be able to heal a patient and still have hours to go before your shift ended.

Progress at the end of the month
This week at one area hospital, there were about 19 COVID patients. Seven were on ventilators. Two of the 19 patents were vaccinated. Twenty-two staff were out with COVID. No information was given regarding the vaccination status of the staff. Staffing is critical. Staff from other areas of the that hospital system are being diverted to help at the hospital which had 97 patients. One hundred to 110 was considered a full house.

With the FDA giving full approval to Pfizer vaccine this week, already there is a shift in requirements for entering venues and some workplaces have placed a six week deadline to become vaccinated or be unemployed.

One of the doctors, who completed his CPR skill test last Spring, said because there was such a divide over becoming vaccinated and if the number of people getting vaccinated  didn't increase dramatically, the number of COVID cases was going to get much higher before the number lessened. Sadly, he was correct in his prediction.


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I like your friend, Gertie! I think she gives good advice, lol! Thanks for the link to Needle'n Thread - I can always use a good stitch resource. It's so fun that your granddaughters are interested in learning what you're working on,too. said...

Mary Corbett is a super resource and one of the bloggers that I enjoy having a cuppa to see what she is doing! I hope the granddaughters will get on board with the hand embroidery. I remember having fun doing it when I was about their ages. Gertie appreciates being noticed and loved the positive feedback. I think we will be hearing more from her!

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

What a fun project Terry. I haven't done stitching like this since I was a young girl. I look forward to seeing more!

Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

Mereknits said...

Your fabric choice and stitching is just incredible. I love that the girls love to experiment, you are teaching them a skill they will have forever. You know how I feel about Covid. I had Little Buddy at the splash park today and we had to leave early because there were too many kids getting close and far too many parents standing around chatting. stay safe. said...

Cynthia, I can remember stitching pillowcases and potholders. I liked learning the different embroidery stitches. Let's see where this project takes me! Thanks for stopping by! said...

Thank you, Mere! The fabrics came from the green drawer because that was the fullest drawer! The center square was the last bit of Kaffe fabric scrap. I didn't know what the class was going to be like; but, the striped fabric worked great for creating a space to create embellishments! I'm glad you left the splash park. When there isn't enough space to play safely, it is time to go.

Bonnie said...

Gertie is a smart goose! It's great to make progress especially on hand work. I'm looking to get my booster vaccine as I plan on attending a retreat at the beginning of October. I doubt numbers will be going down by then but I know my roommate has had her vaccine and may have time to get her booster. Stay safe. said...

Bonnie, Truth be told, Gertie has gotten me into many a journey that wasn't necessarily positive. Lately though, we seem to be working together and I've actually found her assistance helpful! I agree with you about the COVID numbers. I too will be line for the booster when it is available. Thanks for stopping by and for your comment!