Sunday, May 9, 2021

Leggings. . Third Finish 2nd Quarter 2021

Layout of the first pair
Happy Mothers Day to all Moms! I hope your day is extra special!!

It took me another week to finish those leggings. I'm okay with that. I actually "feel" better about my sewing now that I've completed four pairs of "wearable" leggings for myself. I'll get back to the ones for the granddaughters when they can try on the pair I've stitched. I'll make adjustments and they can leave with a new pair of leggings that fits well! 

My pattern for the leggings came from a pair that I liked and had worn out. I cut the worn-out leggings apart. I laid the pieces on the fabric. I did add a seam allowance around the outer edge of the pieces. The 3/4 yard left over fabric was almost the perfect size for this project! I made the leggings a bit shorter because there wasn't enough length available in the piece of fabric!

Vintage zipper packaging
What I liked about the worn-out leggings was the small pocket in the middle of the back for a key. In this pair, I replicated the pocket and even reused the zipper! It took me  some time to stitch that zipper pocket. I used zippers from my grandmother's stash. Two were priced at 45 cents each and one was $1.10. I priced zippers at Joann Craft and Fabric store. The zippers were listed at $3.99 each!

I hand stitched the first line of stitching of the pocket to the zipper because hand stitching gave me the best accuracy and it was faster than stitching on the machine! I found topstitching the zipper with the lighter weight swimwear fabric that I used for the other three pairs of leggings, was challenging because the fabric wanted to stretch. I did use stretch needles in both the sewing machine and serger. 

First pair of leggings
In the other pairs, I enlarged the pocket. A credit card or ID card as well as money can fit easily in that space. I did not add a pocket for my cell phone. I thought about it; but, decided I didn't really want my heavy phone in my leggings!

It took me some time to figure out how to add the yoke because the pocket piece didn't have a center back seam so I couldn't stitch it to the legging back. My solution was to stitch a couple partial seams. I had planned to flatlock the seams because I liked the decorative look to that technique. After playing with tension settings for three hours one day, I threw in the towel and went with a four thread serged seam with bulky overlock thread in the lower loopers. 

In years past, I used wooly nylon when I wanted to sew a rolled hem on the serger. This project is the second or third time that I have used the bulky thread in the lower loopers. I like how the thread stretches in the seams so there is less chance of the thread breaking while wearing the garment.

Instead of hemming the leggings, I serged the edge. I like the decorative look it created. The edge of the leggings hasn't rolled so this finished treatment of the edge was a great option. After I had finished the first pair of leggings. I tried them on. The fit was great! Our dog, Bailey made a bee line to me thinking it was time for our "walk" which made me laugh!!!

Next, I drew the pattern on pattern tracing fabric from the leggings that I had cut apart. This pattern tracing fabric has different names depending on the manufacturer. I grew up using Do Sew which was a Stretch and Sew product and Pellon Red Dot

Basting the pocket to the zipper

Back yoke pocket
Now, I use Pellon Easy Pattern tracing cloth because I can purchase it  at Joann Crafts and Fabrics. I wait for a 50 percent off sale. I like using pattern tracing fabric for patterns that I will make many times. The tracing material doesn't stretch or tear so the pattern can easily withstand years of multiple use wear. It also has no grain line so you can lay the pattern pieces any way to get the best use out of the tracing fabric.

Three pairs of leggings
From the piece of swimwear, I was able to cut out three more pairs of leggings. Although on one pair, I had to piece the legs because I didn't quite have enough fabric. The geometric design is such that the piecing looks like it was a styling decision!

Again, it took me some time to stitch the zipper into the pockets. I also lowered the position of the zipper so it was easier to stitch the pocket/yoke to the waistband. Once the zipper was finished, it wasn't long until I had completed three more pairs of leggings.  

These leggings are a bright geometric print. It is a "wild" print. I truly would not be drawn to purchase a pair of leggings like this in a store. Currently, COVID protocols .make trying on clothing in a store impossible. The time and hassle to purchase, try on, return if the fit wasn't right and to repeat the process wasn't worth the effort to me. I'd rather wear the wild print. I'm sure the motorists will spot me a long way away when Bailey and I are out on our daily walk. 

The pieced legs of the wild print
These leggings are light weight and definitely to be worn on warmer days! I'm tickled to use this fabric in this way. Thanks Marla for the fabric. I'll bet your sister, who originally purchased the fabric, wouldn't have used it this way!

I have invested time and machine stretch needles in this project. The materials to make the project all came from stash. I did use three yards of fabric from my stash; but, I also purchased three yards of fabric this week so my total stash used still stands at 8 1/4 yards. This was goal number three on my 2nd Quarter Goal list and goal number one in my May Plan. This is my third finish this quarter. 

Regarding COVID:

Worldwide: 158M cases; 3.28M deaths

United States: 32.7M cases; 581K deaths

Oregon: 191K cases; 2,542 deaths

India is still the hotspot for the COVID cases. Other countries are sending medical supplies to help with the treatment of the surge of patients who have contracted the virus. In London, my daughter said that because of the blood clotting issues of the AstraZenca vaccine, it was announced that beginning next week that people under the age of 40 would receive the Moderna vaccine.  She thinks that she will be get her first shot next week. In the UK, they say they are going for their "jab!"

In the United States, 32.8 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. Forty-five percent of the population has received at least one vaccination. The number of people receiving vaccines has continued to drop. The concern is that we won't reach herd immunity because people are hesitant about the various vaccines and the virus continues to mutate. Now we are hearing that vaccinating the most vulnerable may be enough. Vaccine for children age 10 and older may be approved this week.

There was a story in the news this week about a flight from New York to Florida that only carried fully vaccinated passengers. Likely in our new ordinary, fully vaccinated people will be given privileges over those not fully vaccinated.

In Oregon, 31 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. Forty-seven percent of the population has received at least one vaccination. Available vaccine has exceeded demand so the mass vaccination sites opened up to walk ins. Mid week, the Governor moved the 15 extreme risk counties back to high risk.  This means that last Friday gyms reopened and restaurants again had indoor dining. As of Wednesday, my husband is fully vaccinated. Yesterday, he drove two hours to the city where his mom lives. He had his first in person visit since December 2019! 


Janice Smith said...

Looking good!
Bailey looks like a sweetie.
Nine projects for May . . . you go girl!!!

I got bounced back saying there was an error which will explain why you might receive this comment twice. :-)

Rebecca Grace said...

You look AWESOME in your new leggings and I love your gorgeous long hair! Was it much shorter in your profile photo, or just pulled back? Good for you, sticking with that legging project and knocking all of these projects out of the ballpark. You go, girl! said...

Janice, Sometimes I get bounced back for the same error message although that generally means that I can't comment on that post. Bailey is a sweetie. She knows no enemies. . . .She NEVER gets near enough petting!! Yep . .nine projects. . .now I have eight left to go. . .Thanks for making the effort to post your comment a second time! said...

Rebecca, Thank you for your most kind comment about my new leggings. With the pandemic, I haven't had a hair cut in a long, long, time. I probably should update my profile photo. . . As for the hair. . .my original plan was to get a hair cut when we no longer had to wear a mask. I may rethink that though long hair is less trouble than short hair. I am a wash and air dry kind of gal!!

Luann Fischer said...

I’m sure you’re going to enjoy the leggings while you’re out for your walk with Bailey. Once you figure out what you want to do things start to move along more quickly.

Anonymous said...

My sister would be delighted with the use of her fabric for leggings! They look great! She made business suits (3, 4 & 5 piece suits) out of much of her ‘swimwear’ fabrics as well as leggings. I’m sure The Salvation Army donation of her suits got staff pondering ‘who would make business suits out of this type of fabric’. She aced them! Mom and I taught our family ‘south paw’ how to sew and the Jantzen fabrics were her favorite, since they were forgiving with her left handed cutting with right handed scissors. When I introduced her to a rotary cutter she was blown away! I hope the granddaughters will enjoy theirs too. Marla said...

Business suits out of swimwear? That explains why the pieces are so large! What a great story, Marla. Thanks for sharing abut your sister. I've some tailoring to do on the granddaughters' leggings. . .I'm saving that activity for another day! said...

Luann, I am enjoying those leggings while Bailey and I are out for our walk. I don't know if I'll get use to wearing such a wild print though! LOL!! Once I figured out how to make the process work, it wasn't such an involved project! Thanks for stopping by!