Wednesday, April 7, 2021

2021 2nd Quarter Goals

1. Quilt this flannel top

This quarter, I'd like to continue with the success that I had last quarter with finishing projects. Last quarter, I finished or made progress on ll of the thirteen goals that I had listed for myself. I have found success with interspersing large projects with smaller projects. I have found success with making a monthly goal list from the quarter list. I have found making a monthly goal helpful too! With all these factors in mind, I've listed my goals for the second quarter below.

1. Quilt the third flannel quilt that I stitched from Martha's flannel scraps. Last quarter, I quilted two of the four flannel projects that I pieced from her "adult" scraps. I layered and basted it at the end of March. 

2. Complete this project
2. Make this project. It has been on the list for years. It's time in the queue has arrived!!! A book inspired this project. I want to add red embellishments.

3. Legging fabric
3. Make leggings. My friend, Marla, gifted me several large boxes of swimwear fabric that her sister had collected. This was before I began working at a pool where the uniform is a black swimsuit. Since I haven't swam in the last year because COVID protocols have kept the pool closed, I haven't sewn one piece of fabric. The other day, I decided that I could make myself some leggings. I also haven't purchased clothing in about 18 months because I prefer to try on the garment before I buy. Because of COVID, dressing rooms are closed. I figure if I can sew a
swimsuit, I ought to be able to sew leggings. I do plan to make some leggings for the granddaughters.

4. Make even more Frolic blocks. After stitching an additional 19 blocks and spending last month contemplating a variety of border options to grow the top a sixteen inches longer, I was unable to select a border that didn't feel that I had placed it there to make the quilt bigger. I've decided to rip the quilt in half and add even more blocks. I've also decided that rather than try to make it rectangular, I'll keep it square and it can live on the king bed that resides in this house. This was a painful decision as neither ripping perfectly good seams or stitching more blocks that contain 64 pieces is motivating. My plan to make the project into a bed quilt hasn't changed. 

5. Finish glue basting the butterfly.

4. More Frolic blocks and 5. Butterfly glue basting

6.--12. These are small projects. I plan to make block for the outgoing president. I plan to make a couple manly blocks. I want to make: a couple potholders, a few embellished kitchen towels,  a couple more camel back bags and a couple Henrietta pincushions. I want to finish a second Happy Hearts table runner. I want to make a couple bunny bags for the granddaughters before Easter It is good to have some smaller projects on the list for a change of pace.

13.--15. These are handwork projects. Number 13 is the cross stitch duck kit that I didn't get to last quarter. Number 14 is the log cabin block embellished with hand stitching that I started in a Saturday workshop last January. Number 15 is a wool pincushion that I started at a retreat last month.

6. -12. A selection of the some of the small projects listed
16. Make a tree skirt. At one time, I had a goal of making one of these a year. It is a good gift for a bride. There might be an upcoming marriage. I'll need to locate the fabric. I have a wonderful metallic fabric for the ruffle.

17. Finish making string blocks from the Saturday workshop class I taught last January and piece together a top.

18.--19. Keep up with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC) and the Temperature Quilt. 

20. Actually, complete three lessons on the embroidery software.

13.-15. Handwork projects
21. Make a project inspired by the book, "How the Penguins Saved Virginia."

22. Start stitching my illusions challenge quilt.

It is a big list. Let's see what I can accomplish in the next 90 days!

On another note, I'm doing a test to see if I can follow directions to claim my blog using bloglovin.


Janice Smith said...

Wow! That is quite a list. I wish that I was one tenth as disciplined as you are. :-() said...

Janice, I doubt that I'll finish it all; but, there are plenty of options to keep me busy. I'm motivated by the more I do, the more space I have in my studio! :) ANY progress is terrific!

Luann Fischer said...

22 items on the list for 91 days, hmmmm. If every fourth day you finished one, you’ll knock that list out of the ballpark. I’m believing that you will surprise yourself and either finish them, or make progress on every one of them! I know that making lists might not inspire others but for me it’s definitely worth writing the thoughts down. Hopefully you and the grandkids will be able to enjoy each other’s company soon. said...

Luann, I agree about writing a list. I make better progress when I not only write it down, share it; but also to review it! I've been making Frolic blocks. I thought that I could make one in between another project; but, I'm finding it require more concentration and space than that! Oh well. . .every block I finish. . .that is one more closer to making the top the size I had envisioned! Yes, that is a lot of finishes. . .let's see what happens!