Sunday, May 2, 2021

April Wrap Follow Up

Completed bunny bags
The month of April flew! It's time to review and reflect on my April plan. I've copied my plan and will bold my follow up to each goal.

My plan was to: 

1. Make two bunny bags for the granddaughters. I cut out the components for the bags on April 1. The components are all scraps. Today is Easter. You will have to check in next Sunday to learn if I made them in time or not! I saw this pattern on the Bernina We Sew blog. Because I used scraps, I'm linking to Oh Scrap/Quilting is More Fun Than Housework. Report:
Completed--The bunny bags were a hit with the granddaughters. 

2. Make leggings. . .I'm thinking two pairs for myself and a pair each for my two granddaughters. I've been reviewing stitching tips for knits. I've selected some fabrics and I have been working up the courage to start. I have been telling myself that I make swimsuits so leggings have to be easier! Report: I cut out a pair for each granddaughter and I stitched one pair for the oldest granddaughter; but, that pair looked too large. Rather than stitch the second pair, I decided to wait until I have some time with the granddaughters. They can bring a pair of leggings that they like and I can take a pattern from those leggings or I can recut the legging fabric I chose for the granddaughters.
3. Make leggings from this fabric

I wanted to flatlock the seam because it is a decorative stitch. Also, the leggings from which I based my pattern were sewn with a coverstitch. I don't have the capability to stitch a coverstitch on my serger. In the past I have flatlocked seams; but it has been a long time! After stitching samples, reviewing my owner's manual for the tension, I was unsuccessful in stitching a whole seam that would flatlock. I could pull most of the seam apart; but, not all of it. 

I was bummed because I had some bulky thread that had sparkles in it that I had planned to use in my granddaughter's pink leggings. She loves pink and sparkle! After patiently stitching samples for three hours, I threw in the towel.

I did make myself one pair of leggings. They fit great. I added a small pocket in the back so I had a place to put a little money or a car key if that was needed. This pocket was in the pair from which I based my pattern. I also cut out four more pairs which I will sew this month.

4. Quilt this flannel quilt
3. Keep up with the Rainbow Scrap (RSC) challenge and the Temperature Quilt. The RSC challenge color this month is blue. . .bright and light. I have some of those fabrics! Keeping up with the Temperature quilt could be a challenge because I've used all of one of the fabrics. I've ordered more. It likely will not arrive until the end of April. In the interim, I hope for warmer lows! I plan to have the sashing made and as many blocks possible made so that when my order arrives, I won't have too much catch up to do.
Report: My fabric order arrived; but the fabric that I had run out of was not in the order. I'm the one who goofed and ordered incorrectly. The correct color is on order now! I have made the blocks that I could and I will catch up in May. I did sew the blue blocks for the RSC. Red is the color for this month.

4. Quilt the third flannel quilt. I pieced enough leftover pieces of batting together for this project. I have layered and basted it. This is a project that is inspired by a book that I read. It is also the third flannel quilt that I've made from Martha's flannel scraps. This is my One Monthly Goal (OMG) for April. Please check out Elm Street Quilts and the  OMG link up. There are many inspiring projects to view! Report: Not only did I quilt this project; but, I bound it, added both a sleeve and a label so it is FINISHED! Wahoo! I posted about my finish here.

Blue RSC blocks

5. Make even more Frolic blocks. I couldn't come up with a border option that I felt talked nice with the center and the outer border that I'm planning. I'll be sewing even more blocks, at least 11 full blocks! I'm not excited about sewing more blocks. I was less excited, however, with my border options or leaving it the size it is. Making more blocks is the route I'll be taking. 

My actual goal is sew six to eight blocks this month. Perhaps, after I sew one or two, I'll get into the swing of making them again. (I'm also not excited about ripping apart the middle of the quilt to insert more blocks.) Report: I stitched ten blocks and have at least two more blocks cut out to piece. In May, I may add the sashings, finish the other blocks and add them to the top. 

6. Complete an embroidery software lesson. I've not completed one lesson since about November 2019. This is the month. I'm planning to schedule time in my week specifically for this task. I also concentrate on digitizing lettering like one letter at a time, I'll have some success.

5. Make more Frolic blocks
 Report: I did complete the February 2020 embroidery software lesson. I didn't stitch out the lesson because the end result didn't interest me. The lesson was about working in art work canvas reshaping fonts and converting the files into embroidery. I found that spending 30 to 45 minutes a day on the learning worked well for me. I likely will make it a goal to complete a software lesson each month. 

Screen view of software lesson
It is challenging for me to switch between reviewing the pdf file, working on the actual screen of the lesson  and googling a video about the process which makes for lots of stops, starts and do overs! I didn't try digitizing any letters.

7. Make two "manly" blocks. One of my small groups decided to stitch "manly" blocks. In other words, blocks that would appeal to a male. We are to make two 10 inch blocks that have brown and or green fabrics in them. Report: I made the blocks and the blocks are in the hands of the two ladies making the tops. There were enough blocks made to make two manly tops so that was cool!All in all, it was a good month. I plan to be at least as successful next month!

Regarding COVID:

Worldwide: 152M cases; 3.19M deaths

United States: 32.4M cases; 576K deaths

Oregon: 186K cases; 2,514 deaths

India continues to have the most cases and deaths per day in the world. My London daughter's company has not only pledged money to support medical care in India; but, the company has has also solicited and received commitments from companies in other countries to support medical efforts in India. 

In the United States, the number of people getting their second vaccination and getting their first vaccination has slowed. Media campaigns are encouraging people to get the vaccine. Yet, the number of cases and deaths continues to rise. 

#3. Temperature quilt blocks and #7. Manly blocks
In Oregon, last Friday, the governor rolled back 15 of the 36 counties to the extreme risk category. Previously, these counties were in the high risk category. This means gyms and indoor dining is closed. Gyms will be closed for at least three weeks; indoor dining is closed for at least a week. 

The population is not happy with the governor's decision. She said she was rolling back to the extreme risk because of the increase in COVID cases. Friday, there were 990 new cases and four deaths. She stated she was concerned that the hospital resources would be impacted too greatly if she didn't take action. She also said she chose to save lives regarding announcing the  roll back. She claims that the matrix forecasts that in two to four weeks the percentage of vaccinated Oregonians will be high enough that the virus can't continue to spread at such a high rate.

As of Friday, Oregonians are 28 percent fully vaccinated. Forty-four percent of the population has received at least one dose. People want to show their vaccination cards and workout in gyms and dine in restaurants. Forcing vaccinated people to live like they did before they were vaccinated seems to counterproductive to supporting small businesses which continue to struggle. 


Monica said...

Keeping busy i see! Your Frolic is looking very good. I still hope to circle back around to that one. Happy sewing! said...

Monica, That Frolic has taxed me in ways I didn't think it could! I am nearing the point of exhaustion and am willing myself to keep putting one foot er stitch in front of the other! So good to see you here!!!

Rebecca Grace said...

You are one ambitious lady, Terry! I'm sorry you were unsuccessful with the flatlocking. I haven't done that technique since it was demonstrated in the serger machine mastery class ages ago, and I'm sure I'd be just as challenged with it as you are. Your quilt blocks look fantastic and I'm sure the leggings will be great even though you can't use the special sparkly thread in the way that you'd planned. Good luck with your embroidery classes, too -- that's something on my own to do list (although it's been shoved WAY down to the bottom...) said...

Rebecca, I bought my serger about 1992 and I haven't flat locked much either! As for the lessons, had I any inkling that after having this software for five plus years and still be in the infancy stage, I wouldn't have purchased the software!! I sure hope that I can figure it out though because there are a lot of tools that can create cool designs. I worked on the leggings today. Mine fit great!