Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Month Five Red--Rainbow Scrap Challenge

Starting materials for 12 string blocks

Red is the color of the month for May in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Red is my favorite color so one would think that I have a lot of reds in my string stash. I learned I didn't hav the variety that I had hoped!

I pulled what I had from the strings. Martha did not have many reds in her string collection. Mine weren't the bright ones that I had envisioned using when I first read Angela's post listing the color.

I began stitching. This time, I had done most of the prep work the previous month. I cut the newsprint and marked the line for placing the black strip. I also cut a bunch of neutral strips. Prepping was smart because once I had sorted the red strings into a pile, I was ready to stitch so much faster than in previous months.

Block ready to be pressed
As per usual, I laid the black strip in the center of the block. Next, I stitched a red strip on one side of the black strip. I chain pieced four blocks in this manner. Then, I stitched a white strip on the other side of the black strip. I pressed the strips. I sewed again on either side of the block. I continued stitching in this manner until I had covered the newsprint in fabric.

As I used a fabric, I placed it in a pile for the next group of blocks. Taking a string out of action forced me to maximize the fabric variety. After I had stitched on both sides of the strip, I pressed the seam allowances so I could stitch the next round of fabrics.

Completed string blocks
Again, in a couple of afternoons, I had stitched all twelve of the blocks. While I was stitching the blocks, I was concerned that the reds were too much the same. I thought that these would be the blocks that didn't add much to the quilt top. I was wrong! I had a few red strings left after piecing the blocks, although there weren't enough to piece another block!

Once I had trimmed the blocks and laid the blocks out for a photo. I loved what I saw. I must remind myself to not judge the blocks until I view them trimmed and in a possible layout. 

I am sure enjoying this process and my mind is already thinking of two other string projects. Martha would be delighted that I am becoming a "string addict!" I've purchased some more neutrals which are pre-washed, starched and ironed. I will need to cut some strips and ready more foundation papers before June arrives!

I'm linking to Angela and So Scrappy/Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I'm also linking to Oh Scrap/Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework. Do take some time to peruse these link ups. I enjoy reviewing what other people are doing and hope you will also!


Luann Fischer said...

Those red blocks are gorgeous! Great job! said...

Thanks, Luann. I was surprised at how well these strings worked together!

Monica said...

Those string blocks look amazing! That black line is going to work so well I think.