Wednesday, April 14, 2021

End of the 1st Quarter 2021 Recap--

1. Quilt this top 
This post is a recap of documenting what I accomplished last quarter. The "bones" of this post came from the goal setting post I wrote at the beginning of the quarter. In past quarters, I'd hope to finish some on the list. This year, I'm being more thoughtful about what I put on the list. Rather than hope to make some finishes, I plan to make better progress on the goals that I listed. 

If a project has been on my list for many quarters, it may become a priority or I may decide to give that project away. I feel rejuvenated when my list is "fresher!" To help me be more accountable for my projects, I'm adding a post about what happened to each one that I listed last quarter. Perhaps, this documentation will help me become more mindful and more successful with finishes.

#1. Quilt number one is one of the last tops my friend Martha finished before she died. I know of a high school graduate that would like it as a finished quilt. Last August, I pieced a back and pin basted it together. It is ready to be quilted. I'm planning a lot of in the ditch quilting with something fun stitched in the sashing. It was my OMG (One Monthly Goal) for January.
Follow up: I did quilt it. I called it "Little Bits" and my husband mailed it to the recipient at the beginning of February. At the beginning of March, I received a heartfelt thank you note from the recipient! I know that this quilt lives on the back of her couch when she isn't using it!
2. Flannel top #1 ready for basting
#2. Quilt number two is the first flannel top that I made from Martha's flannel scraps. It is pin basted and ready for quilting.
3. Flannel top #2 ready for basting.  

The two other flannel tops are ready to be layered.  These projects will be goals one through four.  I plan to develop my walking foot quilting skills when quilting the flannel tops. Although, in the larger areas, I may slip in a little quilting with rulers! If I can quilt one top a month, I'd be happy!
Follow up: Quilting Quilt #2 was my OMG for March.  I finished it! On March 25, I dropped it off at the scheduled Mt. Hood Quilt Guild Quilter's Exchange for charity. 
4. Flannel top #3 ready for basting

#3. Quilt number three is the second flannel top that I made from Martha's flannel scraps. Follow up: I completed quilting it the last week of March! I posted about here. I also quilted one top a month and meeting that goal did make me happy!!

 #4. Quilt number four is the third flannel top that I made from Martha's flannel scraps. Martha had a lot of scraps!! I have made pieced backs for each of the tops and when the basting pins are free from quilt number one, I'll quilt one of these tops. Follow up: I layered and basted it. 
5. Supplies for a small wallhanging
#5. Project number five is to stitch the hand dyed black fabric into a modern styled wall hanging with the red corduroy applique and other red accents. I've thought about this project for about a year. I don't know why I've kept this project in the project box. Follow up: I did nothing to further the progress on this project.

#6. Project number six is cross stitching six Santa ornaments. I thought it would take me a couple weeks in the evening to complete these. I did complete the stitching. What is left is to cut the ornaments apart and add the hangers. Perhaps, this will be one of my first finishes this quarter! Follow up: I finished this project. It is ready to be gifted.
6.-8. Cross stitch and bag projects

#7. Project number seven is cross stitching another small project. I've a bunch of small projects like this. Most of these came from Martha's sewing room. It is nice to have another medium to play with from time to time! I also completed one of these last year. Follow up: I didn't work on the project.

#8. Project number eight is to stitch three camel back carry all bags. Nothing happened with this project last quarter. Perhaps, because I don't have a purpose for them is why I haven't progressed. Follow up: I finished these. I plan to use them as the container for birthday gifts.

#9. Project number nine is a piece of machine embroidery that I think would make a Spring wall hanging. Follow up: I finished it. I shared it at my book club meeting at the end of March.

    9.-11. Three small wallhanging projects

#10. Project number ten is that little piece of embroidery that I thought wanted to be a pillow. It wanted to be a wall hanging. I decided it needed a word. It looked like Summer to me so I penciled in that word on the piece. I thought that I would get the word embroidered last quarter; but, it didn't happen! Follow up: I finished it and named it "Summer."

#11. Project number eleven is six curved pieced waste blocks from Martha's scrap bin. I played around with an arrangement of the blocks and came up with a fun design.
Follow up: I finished this project! I called it "Joyful" as that is how I feel when I get to work on quilting projects and when I get to quilt with other quilters. For now, I appreciate each virtual get together!

12. Make more Frolic blocks
#12. Project number twelve is Frolic. Last quarter, I made an additional six blocks with some of the leftovers. I want to make enough more blocks to increase the size a bit as well as use more of the leftover cut pieces. It would be great to finish the top this quarter. Follow up: I finished making at total of 19 more blocks and stitched the blocks together. I thought that I could piece a border for the remaining 16 inches that I need to make it a size that will fit on a bed in my house. After spending three weeks contemplating options, I've decided to take the quilt apart and add another row or two of blocks. I'm sad about the prospect of stitching a bunch more blocks; but, I wouldn't be happy with the project if I don't stitch more blocks.

#13. Project number thirteen is the butterfly. I'd like to finish gluing the edges of the pieces I used to collage it. 
13. Glue the edges of the fabrics
Follow up: I spent a few hours gluing the edges. I've a long way to go. It takes a long time to carefully tack the edges; but, it is also good to be working on this project again.

Out of the 13 projects I listed, I finished nine! I made progress on two projects. I didn't work on two projects. This is the best quarter of progress I have had since I started making a quarter list of goals!

Next quarter, I look forward to continuing my successes. I've posted my intentions here


Luann Fischer said...

Terry, even though I read all of your posts, this was almost like new information, lol. Funny how fast I can forget what I’ve read about. I’m going to go back and see who you took that Butterfly class with. Reminds me of Susan Carlson's book that I just 'found again' lol said...

Luann, I'm celebrating my accomplishments which is a 'task' to me and an activity I generally don't allow myself. Isn't that odd?? It is true that we sometimes don't remember what we read a few weeks or months ago; but, I believe our brains focus on other more interesting information instead! Yes, it was a Susan Carlson class that was the start of the butterfly and I am determined that it is going to be a finished project!