Sunday, April 4, 2021

April Plan and One Month Goal

Bunny bags ready to stitch
It was time to put together my plan for April. I found last quarter, writing a monthly plan and being accountable for one monthly goal was helpful.  In my next post, I'll share my plan for the quarter!

My plan this month is to: 

3. Make leggings from this fabric
1. Make two bunny bags for the granddaughters. I cut out the components for the bags on April 1. The components are all scraps. Today is Easter. You will have to check in next Sunday to learn if I made them in time or not! I saw this pattern on the Bernina We Sew blog. Because I used scraps, I'm linking to Oh Scrap/Quilting is More Fun Than Housework.

2. Make leggings. . .I'm thinking two pairs for myself and a pair each for my two granddaughters. I've been reviewing stitching tips for knits. I've selected some fabrics and I have been working up the courage to start. I have been telling myself that I make swimsuits so leggings have to be easier!

4. Quilt this flannel quilt
3. Keep up with the Rainbow Scrap (RSC) challenge and the Temperature Quilt. The RSC challenge color this month is blue. . .bright and light. I have some of those fabrics! Keeping up with the Temperature quilt could be a challenge because I've used all of one of the fabrics. I've ordered more. It likely will not arrive until the end of April. In the interim, I hope for warmer lows! I plan to have the sashing made and as many blocks possible made so that when my order arrives, I won't have too much catch up to do. 
5. Make more Frolic blocks

4. Quilt the third flannel quilt. I pieced enough leftover pieces of batting together for this project. I have layered and basted it. This is a project that is inspired by a book that I read. It is also the third flannel quilt that I've made from Martha's flannel scraps. This is my One Monthly Goal (OMG) for April. Please check out Elm Street Quilts and the  OMG link up. There are many inspiring projects to view!

5. Make even more Frolic blocks. I couldn't come up with a border option that I felt talked nice with the center and the outer border that is planned. I'll be sewing even more blocks, at least 11 full blocks! I'm not excited about sewing more blocks. I was less excited, however, with my border options or leaving it the size it is. Making more blocks is the route I'll be taking. My actual goal is sew six to eight blocks this month. Perhaps, after I sew one or two, I'll get into the swing of making them again. (I'm also not excited about ripping apart the middle of the quilt to insert more blocks.)

#3. Temperature quilt blocks and #7. Manly blocks

6. Complete an embroidery software lesson. I've not completed one lesson this year. This is the month. I'm planning to schedule time in my week specifically for this task. I also concentrate on digitizing lettering like one letter at a time, I'll have some success.

7. Make two "manly" blocks. One of my small groups decided to stitch "manly" blocks. In other words, blocks that would appeal to a male. We are to make two 10 inch blocks that have brown and or green fabrics in them. 

Regarding Covid:

Worldwide: 131M cases; 2.84M deaths

United States: 30.7M cases; 554K deaths

Oregon: 166K cases; 2,406 deaths

Nearly 60 percent of Israel's population is vaccinated and the Jerusalem streets are again full of religious activity even if international tourists are still not allowed. It is good to read media reports of the number of people returning to pre-COVID activities.

As of yesterday, the U.S. is averaging three million doses a day. Nearly one third of the population has received at least one dose of the vaccine. The CDC director gave a tearful/emotional plea earlier in the week for us to stay the course with wearing a mask, etc. She said that 2/3 of the states are seeing an uptick in cases and is fearful that hospitals could be slammed with more cases.

In Oregon, family members of front line workers become eligible to receive the vaccine tomorrow. My son-in-law will also be eligible to receive the vaccine. My husband received his first Phizer dose last Wednesday. He has his appointment to receive his second dose. I'm still working on getting an appointment for my friend who has no cell phone/computer/internet. She wants to go to a particular pharmacy and so far there have been no open appointments that fit her schedule.


Luann Fischer said...

I’m sure that leggings are easier than a swimsuit! You’ll do a great job with them. I agree with have one major goal for the month and a plan to put in time (appointments) on our projects works for me too. said...

Luann, your leggings turned out well. I hope mine do too! Picking that one major goal is a challenge for me! I'm such a squirrel when it comes to projects!

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Looks like you have some great plans for April. Now the trick is to not get side tracked :)

Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

BJ said...

I love your plan. Yes, you will be able to make the leggings fairly easily if you can make a swimsuit. I love the idea of making blocks that appeal to men. Many men really like blues I think. said...

Cynthia, for sure the trick is not to get side tracked!! My fingers are crossed and at least for today, I'll have my nose to the grindstone! said...

BJ, I have a pair of leggings that are worn out so I plan to use them as my "pattern." I wish I had a coverstitch on my serger; but, I don't and to purchase one that does is not in my future! I agree with you about men liking the color blue. Perhaps, we will use that color as our color palette for an upcoming project. Thanks for stopping by!