Sunday, February 28, 2021

February Recap--One Monthly Goal Met!

First pin basted flannel quilt project
For a short month, I accomplished most of what I had planned. I'm pleased because I generally don't make that much progress! My list was to:

✓1. Finish quilting Martha's top. COMPLETED!!! I named it Little Bits. My husband shipped it to its recipient who lives in Texas at the beginning of the month.

✓2. Layer and baste one of the flannel quilt tops. COMPLETED!!!  I layered and basted not one; but, TWO flannel quilt tops. I was able to get both tops to fit on one width of batting.  These flannel tops are made entirely from scraps so I'm linking to Oh Scrap/Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework. (I always enjoy seeing other people's scrap projects with a cuppa on Sunday morning!)

✓3. Quilt the "Happy Hearts" table runner. COMPLETED!!!  Bonus, I also FINISHED it. 

✓4. Finish the hand embroidery on the small wall hanging. COMPLETED!!! 

Second pin basted flannel quilt project
✓5.Quilt the small wall hanging. COMPLETED! Currently, this project is waiting for the binding, sleeve and label. 

✓6. Keep up making the Temperature Quilt blocks. MET!!!! I decided which thread I wanted to use to represent snow. 

7. Add embroidery stitches to the log cabin block. Nope, I haven't touched this project.

✓8. Make the Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks for February--yellow is the color. COMPLETED!  I made twelve yellow string blocks this month.

 9. Complete a software class with my machine embroidery. Nope. Although, I did spend a few hours on two Sundays reacquainting myself with the materials.

Thread representing snow

✓10. Finish sewing "Frolic" blocks. This was my One Monthly Goal for February. COMPLETED! I did end up sewing 16 more full blocks and four additional half blocks than Bonnie listed in her pattern. I figure that I used at least an additional yard and a half of fabric from my stash which is GREAT! This past week, I've slowly stitched the blocks into rows complete with sashing.

When I started stitching the blocks into rows, I realized I was a half block short. Then I realized I had stitched the corner of one block incorrectly. I repaired the block and made one more half block. Then, I did the happy dance because I had met my monthly goal to make all of the blocks! 

Quilting the small wall hanging
Once I completed the rows, I stitched the rows together. The central section of the quilt is finished. Currently, it measurers 91 1/2 inches by 91 1/2 inches. Next steps for this top is to add borders. In Bonnie's version she added a double row of HSTs. In my version, I want to make it rectangular so that it will fit on our bed. I will ponder what those borders will look like for a few days. I will look at other people's finished quilts and see what they chose because I need inspiration. I plan to add about 15 inches in length and whatever works well to finish the top for the width.

I am linking to the February One Monthly Goal finishes page. I do plan to take some time to browse the internet to see how other people completed this project!

Last half block sewn
For the past three days, I've been participating in an online retreat. This one has about 50 participants. I've enjoyed it. I did have an unstable internet the first day so about all I could do was listen to the activities. Because there are so many people, I've played the games. I've shared at show and tell; but, I've have tried to limit talking to give newbies an opportunity to join in the conversation. 

As part of the charity project, we were encouraged to make lovely bunnies. I finished the two that were kits in my supplies. I mailed them to the person collecting the kits yesterday. I love the deer flannel material. Some hunter family will be happy to have that lovely bunny! These bunnies will go to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Peace Health hospital in Vancouver, WA. Parents will hold a bunny next to their skin to leave their "scent." The bunny will be placed next to their infant when the parent can't be there. In this way, their baby will get to know their parent. I learned that smell is one of the first senses a baby develops!

Finished Frolic Center
Since it is the end of the month, I'll note that I helped 36 people earn their American Heart Basic Life Support CPR certificates.

Regarding COVID: 

Worldwide: 114M cases; 2.53M deaths United States: 28.6M cases; 512K deaths Oregon: 155K cases; 2,218 deaths

Worldwide the number of COVID cases, hospitalizations and deaths are declining. Vaccinations are on the rise in spite of vaccine shortages. The third vaccine produced by Johnson and Johnson received FDA approval so it should be available to the general population soon.

In Oregon, kids are returning to school. Some elementary students have been doing in person learning for months. School districts are choosing their return timetables. All are choosing to stagger the return with kindergarten and grade one students beginning first with other grade levels added in week intervals. 

Two completed Lovely Bunnies

For my teacher daughter, that means she will be "in person" beginning April 1. For now, that is about all that is clear. For the grand daughters, their parents have determined that they will continue with on line learning until they have been vaccinated. Currently, kids aren't in the mix for getting a vaccine because not enough information is known.

Friday, the governor released the plan for when the remaining population will be eligible to receive the vaccine. I hope that in the next few weeks, the process to register and to make an appointment will be more streamlined. My husband will be eligible to receive his vaccine March 29.


Luann Fischer said...

Terry, you have certainly been busy. It’s great to meet and sometimes go beyond our goals. said...

Luann, so true! The feeling I get when I meet a goal is good and the feeling I get when I surpass the goal is great!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Congratulations on completing the center of your Frolic mystery! said...

Thank you, Joyful Quilter! I'm only a year or so behind . . .but, who's counting?? :)

Rebecca Grace said...

Wow, what a productive month! I almost NEVER get to link up to the finish party at the end of the month. Just the New Goals at the beginning! My path to Hell is paved with good intentions. ;-). That frolic top is looking amazing! said...

Rebecca, I also rarely make much progress on my list of goals. I too have terrific intentions. I learned I am poor at time management! This year, my plan is to make a monthly plan and to make a good effort working on designated WIPs. It's the first year that I've participated in the OMG. I've surprised myself as piecing those blocks was more than I thought I really could do. . .yet, I even pieced them together! Thank you. I think it looks amazing too. Don't you find it challenge to make those monthly goals? I sure do!

dq said...

Frolic is stunning! Bunnies are so cute as well.
Congratulations on your finish!

Patty said...

Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish! said...

Thanks, DQ. Once you get past the ears, those bunnies are fun to make. Turning the ears takes a bit of fiddling. . . .It is good to step back from a project. When I looked at the photo of the Frolic blocks together, I was happy with how they looked all together! said...

Thank you, Patty for hosting the OMG and providing the link up opportunities! Without making that goal, I know that I'd still be making Frolic blocks!

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Great job on getting so much done!

Jane said...

Terry you are doing so much!
I hadn’t heard of the lovely bunnies before , what a great idea.
What were the games you play ‘at’ retreat?
I am organising a small retreat at the end of April and would love some suggestions.
Jane said...

Thank you, Cheree! said...

Thank you, Jane! We played a scavenger hunt and Family Feud. We contributed to a "story"--you write three to four lines and the organizer passes it to the next person. . .it was a hilarious read! We shared projects made with 7" squares which is an item that we exchange. We shared our first quilt and our favorite quilting tool. There were 50 of us so games took some time!

Jane said...

Thanks for your reply Terry.
There will only be 10 of us but you have given me some ideas. Jane said...

Jane, you're welcome. Glad to have helped. I hope you all have a wonderful time on your retreat!