Wednesday, April 10, 2019

2nd Quarter FAL Goals 2019

#1. Quilt this top
I plan to continue my journey of finishing projects that I began; but, haven't finished, yet. I even have a few of Martha's projects to finish. I vow to start new projects and to have fun along the way. I anticipate trying a new technique or two. Perhaps, this will be the year that my "cold" daughter will finally be warmer!
#2. Complete trio of sisters

Last quarter, I finished ten of the 25 projects that I listed. Ten finishes was a great number! This quarter, I had planned to list a lot fewer projects as in rolling my list forward and adding a couple projects. I've 22 projects on this list! Will I complete the list? No. . .but, again, there is a lot of variety and if I can complete another ten projects that will be great progress!

My goals for the second quarter of the year are listed below.
#3. Stitch a skirt with this fabric
#4. Get this project out of the fabric phase

#6. A potential hat or purse?
#1. Finish this piece. It was the machine appliqué project in a Karen Kay Buckley class last May. Last winter, I finished the top. I need to figure out a back and quilt it.

#2. Finish the trio of sisters that I started last winter. This is a book club quilt. It is the first time that I've drawn a figure and then painted the details on cloth. I had great help from my five year old grand to draw the faces.
#5. Stitch a second tote

#3. Stitch this gingham fabric into a skirt for one of the grands. It's been on the list for two years.

#4. Make some progress on this project. It's been in the fabric stage for over two years.

#5. Last year, I made a tote with these fabrics and selvages. I had planned to add a pocket to the back of the tote; but, didn't because I would have sewn over my inside pockets. I plan to make another tote and put that pocket to good use! I'm not sure that I have enough of the rust. . . .but, I guess that is part of the journey to choose a fabric that will mix or another one all together!! I will need to select lining fabric.
#8. Bonnie Hunter Mystery
It will be a great project to use some of the selvages that I've collected instead of cutting strips!

#6. I made a skirt and a vest out of this fabric for one grand. I still have leftovers. It may become a hat or a purse for the youngest grand.

#7. Quilt this star top that I stitched last December. The whole project came from my stash. It started as a result from reading a blog post from Gigi's Thimble. Amber hosted a quilt a long making one of her patterns. I had fun piecing the top and I EVEN completed each step on time!!!

#8. Finish Bonnie Hunter's Good Fortune Mystery. This is the first year that I have participated. I enjoyed the process!

#9. Appliqué, quilt and bead
#9. Finish the appliqué, quilt and bead this piece. It was on the list last quarter.
#10. Raw edge applique

#10. Continue progress on the butterfly piece began in September in a Susan Carlson class.

I have at least three other quilts with a butterfly theme that need to be finished. Perhaps, I can make some progress this quarter on this project!

#11. Stitch a skirt with Miss K. This looks like a fun project and the supplies were given to me.
#11. Skirt for Miss K to sew

#12.  Potholder project
#12. Finish the other five potholders that were a Martha project. I stitched five last quarter. I thought that there were at least enough supplies for four. She sure could pack a project bag!

#13. Stitch the accessories to the placemats
#13. Make the bread basket, napkin and napkin rings to accessorize the placemats I made last month. I will need to purchase fabric for the napkins and bread basket.

#14. I picked up this sparkly green fabric from the free table last fall. I thought there was enough fabric to stitch a pair of shorts for Miss J. When I went to cut the shorts out, there wasn't enough fabric. I have enough to make an exercise type top. . .I need to move it out of my stash!

#14. Stitch a workout type top
#15. and #16. Add embroidery to these two t-shirts. . .one for each grand. It will be a good exercise for me for placement and it will be my first experience to embroider on a knit fabric.

#15. and #16. Embroidery projects

#17. Stitch this bag
#17. I picked up this bag kit
from the free table last fall. I think it might be an item that could be sold at the quilt show next fall.

#18. Thread catcher/small item catcher. I purchased this kit at least four years ago. I was ready to stitch it and then I was gifted the completed project at a retreat. I put the project in a tote. Last month, I cleared out that tote and rediscovered the project. It is time to get it sewn!
#18. Thread catcher project

#19. Stitch these fabrics into pillows. My daughter purchased the fabrics and we've tried to get together several times to make them. Perhaps, this will be the magic quarter!

#20. Make a pillow out of this embroidery. I completed this embroidery in 2014 and slipped it into a box. Time to stitch it up!!!
#19. Stitch two pillows using these fabrics

#21. Make a jacket or a vest out of this minky fabric. It is so soft!

#21. Make a jacket or vest with this minky
#20. Make a pillow using this embroidery
#22. Finish this original design of Miss J's.

I believe that there is a enough variety to keep me busy if I'm stumped on another project. The list includes, clothing items. I've been "gifted" clothing fabrics that I need to use as I just don't have space to store those fabrics.
#22 Finish Miss J's girl
I have no desire to store those fabrics either! Finding a use for them is terrific!


Anonymous said...

Whoa, girl--you better get movin'! That's a lot of projects!! ~Gail G said...

Yep. . .I'd better get working on those items as there are a lot and a lot more in the queue! Thanks for stopping by, Gail!

Luann Fischer said...

You/ve got a lot of items on the list, but that’s only because you are interested in a lot of areas of life. As long as you are enjoying what you create and not stressing yourself out to ‘complete’ things, you’ll do fine.
And taking time with the family is always more important than finishing something! said...

Luann, I do have a lot of items. . .hey, I wouldn't want to be bored! :) Seriously, I'm slowly quilting the star patch quilt and as long as I'm making progress, I'm happy!