Sunday, October 1, 2017

4th Quarter Finish-A-Long Goals 2017

First the good news. . .I completed these goals from last quarter:

2. Mend one shirt and shorten the hem in
two pairs of pants

1. I did shorten the hem on two pairs of jeans and I did shorten the sleeves on a white t-shirt. I even hemmed another pair of jeans and I have enjoyed wearing the clothing. I shouldn't have waited so long to do it! You can read about it here. (This was goal #9.)

2. Crib quilt

2. The grands and I had a retreat.  We stitched this crib quilt. At our June guild meeting, this project was on the free table. JoJo nabbed it for me thinking that it would be a good project for the grands. We donated it to the guild's comfort group at the September guild meeting. You can read about it here. (This was goal #11.)

4. Make two pillow cases

3. Stitched two pillow cases that coordinate with the chicken wall hanging. (This was goal #10.) You can read about it here.

My plan for the fourth quarter is ambitious. I do want to clear these projects off my table so I can delve into other Works In Progress (WIPs) that have been taking up space in my studio! Yes, dear daughter, N. . .I hear you. . .you are cold and no, your fabric didn't make it on the list for this quarter either! Je suis désolé!

1. Finished these chickens!!!

1. Finish the chickens! I KNOW!!!! This has been an ongoing project for the last 10 years and ten months. I sure thought that I was going to finish it last quarter; but, I had some fabric bleeding when I wet the quilt to block it. As I post this, I have the sleeve to attach. I'll share what I did to make the fabric bleeding less obvious. Surely, I can finish this project this quarter! :)

2. Mt. Hood project fabrics
2.-4. Are three projects in JoJo's passport--Oregon, Canada and England. Visit her at Through My Hands to learn more. I did finish the Hawaii project in the first quarter!

2. This is the Oregon project. I see Mt. Hood out my window on a clear day and love the view. Using her pattern, my project will include a lake in the view which is fine! There will be several firsts achieved when I finish this project. I've been working on this project and have had fun. It is almost at the layering stage. I will finish it this quarter! 

Nope, I haven't posted about it. . .well, I've shared some photos; but, haven't shared the whole project yet! For now, I'll just tell you the reveal is coming!

3. Canada hot pad fabrics

3. Canada hot pad project. I'll get to play with hexagons on this project and it is small. It contains some tiny details!

4. Tea room fabrics

4. London tea room project. There is a lot of appliqué in this project and the opportunity to embroider those words with my machine instead of appliquéing them! I may not finish this one; but, I do plan to make progress!
Turn a section of this photo into a quilt
Fabrics for the HH Hall project

5. Photograph  the group quilt HH Hall project.  I have completed my part. At our September guild meeting, I saw all the pieces together; but, I won't actually take the finished photograph until it is hung at the guild's Featured Artist show at the end of October. Working on this project really did push me outside of my comfort zone which was goal number 2 on my list for the year! Oh, and the finished product is absolutely stunning!!!!!!!

6. Figure out what to do with these parts!

6. Figure out what to do with those hexagons made using different techniques and get them into a finished wallhanging! I think I want to use some skinny ribbons and maybe some orange skinny strips of fabric somehow. Ideas have been swimming around in my head!
7. Finish this top--perhaps a little
"Jean Wells" technique for added interest?

7. Finish that project that I appliquéd some leftover pieces to a sparkly background. I think I want to go a little "Jean Wells" to create an interesting background on part of that sparkly black! The reds I've thought about are too orange or too blue. . .hmm . . .more thought is needed!
8. Finish this BOM Mystery from last year

8. Finish this BOM mystery quilt I worked on last month with an online group. I have the last clue to piece. Realistically, I may finish the last step of the top, get it basted and begin the ditch quilting; but, I'm leaving it on the list!
9.  Embroidered butterfly

9. Create a butterfly for someone who needs to know people are thinking of her. I'm thinking that I'll embroider one as I haven't used that part of my machine in months. Although, I haven't thought through the whole project yet so it might end up being one created in fabric instead! I'm not even sure if I'll keep these colors or if I'll go brighter.

10. Scraps to stitch into Christmas
placemats for the Grands

10. Stitch these Christmas fabric strips into a couple placemats. I think the grands might have fun with their own placemat. Perhaps, Miss J would have fun quilting her own placemat! Maybe it would be wise if the placemats were different.

11. T-shirt fabric for Miss J

11. Stitch a t-shirt for Miss J out of this knit fabric. She liked the gold sparkles!
12. Stitch a skirt for Miss J
13. Stitch a dress or skirt for Miss K

12. Stitch a skirt,  out of this denim fabric for Miss J. There is barely enough!!!! She likes butterflies! Her mom brought the fabric to me over a year ago and it needs to be stitched!

13. These gingham fabrics were on the guild free table in September. Chicken scratch is making a comeback; but, I think grand K would like a tiered skirt or jumper out of these fabrics.
14. Add the binding, sleeve and label to
this QAYG project

14. Add the binding, sleeve and label to the Quilt As You Go project.
15. Tote bag from selvagea
15. Make a bag to replace the one that has been hanging in there for the last year. I've had this in my list before. . .maybe I can at least get it started this quarter! I'll be using selvages and know that I'll need to add some yardage for some of the panels or for some of the pockets. These are two patterns that I have. Maybe, I'll eventually make two bags!!!
16.--19. Stitch a swim suit--I've three cut out

16.-19. Make three swim suits. If I locate my black fabric, I'll substitute one of those for one of these.
20. Recover the ironing station

20. Recover my ironing station. I'll use this muslin fabric and yes, it is long over due to get this job done!!
21. Make a bag using this embroidery

21. Make a bag that uses this embroidery that I made.

22. Bath towel to embroider for Miss J
22. Embroider a towel for Miss J. I embroidered one for Miss K years ago. It is definitely time for J to have one too! I plan to place the letter J and some soft of motif on the towel. Maybe, she will even assist with the project!

23. Make this gift bag
23. Make some gift bags. I picked up this little kit at our guild quilt show last spring. I think that there is enough fabric for two gift bags. I'll make these first and then decide if I want to make more or make something else!

24-25 Embroider motifs on these aprons
26. Quilt this piece--I may add borders
24.--25. Embroider some motifs on these aprons for Miss J and Miss K. They sure could use their own aprons when they cook at Papa's and Gran's house! I've had the aprons at this point for a couple years. The base is a repurposed tea towel and the ruffles are left over 2 1/2 inch strips from a strip exchange. It is time to finish!

26. Add a border--maybe--then, quilt and bind this little art piece created in an Esterita Austin Painted Illusions class.

So, there you have it. . .last quarter, I listed 12 projects and finished three. This quarter, I'm listing 26 projects. I plan to have more success in the finishing department than last quarter. I'm thinking that there are a lot of quick projects that I hope won't lead me into using more time that what I think! I so look forward to clearing more space from my tables and design wall!

Don't get me wrong, I'm still allowing myself to start new projects too! For now, I'm planning lots of play time in my studio!


Janice Smith said...

That is one very impressive list. Good luck! :-() said...

Janice, it is a long list that is for sure. I hope to make much better progress this quarter than in all the other quarters put together! My fingers are crossed that I can do it!! :)

Luann Fischer said...

You can do this!! Even if you have the same percentage rate as last quarter you'll have 6 of them off your list. Do you want selvedges? Someone 'blessed' me with theirs about a month after I gave mine away,,,,

Unknown said...

Looks like you have lots of interesting projects to work on this quarter. I'm excited that you will be finishing the chicken quilt! It's such a wonderful project!! said...

Luann, Sure. . .I'd love your selvages. I'll PM you. . .unless. . .you have a use for them! Fingers crossed that I can complete more projects this quarter. My challenge will be not to get hung up on one project and stall! :) said...

Nancy, I'm excited about finishing that chicken project too!!! The really wonderful part will be seeing it on my wall!!! Thank you!

JoJo said...

Ummm...that is some list you got there lady! LOL You are courageous though, and I have no doubt that a big dent will be made in your list. I'm so digging that truck!!!! said...

JoJo, yes. . .I want to make a dent in this list. . .courageous. . .?? I don't know about that! I'm digging that truck too.

Monica said...

Love that painted car you made! It would look great borderless with a pillowcase binding finish, too.

Cluck, cluck, must be sooo close now! said...

Monica, that painted car would liked great borderless and I considered finishing it that way; but, then I thought it might look more "artsy" if I "framed it. Yes, those chickens are getting close!!!!