Sunday, October 22, 2017

Good-bye Paris--Post 9 of 9

Graffiti on a building
We arrived in Paris about 1:30PM. Because N lived about 300 days one year in a hotel, we were able to check in early to our room because she still has "status!"

Once we deposited our luggage, we walked to a store where I could buy fish soup and a brand of tea that I enjoy! Along the way, I spotted some interesting graffiti. I just enjoyed the scenery.

That soup was heavy and B carried it for about eight miles! (Thank you B!!) I also bought a couple t-shirts, espresso cups and a tray for the grands.
The cups for a future tea party

(The tray and cups are for when we have tea parties!)

Next, we walked to a shop of local artists and I enjoyed seeing the work or a clothing designer. I liked the bright colors and African influence in the clothing line. (Sorry, no photos were allowed!) Then we met up with a friend of N's, enjoyed a cocktail and then walked across the street to eat a French crepe. I enjoyed getting to know a little about N's friend.

Clothing for the grands
We took the bus back to the hotel and the route included a trip across my favorite bridge in the city! To beat the traffic, we left for the airport at 7AM. We arrived at 7:30AM. Had we waited until 8AM it could have taken us two hours to arrive. We decided it would be better to just be early.

I stitched a bit on my embroidery project while I waited. We ate the last Tavaux baguette. . .sigh. . . it was a little sad to finish it off!

Even though our flight was about half an hour late in taking off, we arrived almost on time in Chicago. We each managed to sleep a bit on that leg of the journey. I slept at least three hours!

Closed Club. . .so sad
Unfortunately, the United Club lounge that was closest to our gate was closed and the next closest was too far away so we didn't get to relax much while we waited for our flight to Portland. Getting through customs was easy. A contraband dog and handler were on hand to check all of us. Our flight from Chicago to Portland was just as it should be. . uneventful and on time. I thank JoJo for picking us up and bringing us home!

At home, we opened our bags and began unpacking. We stayed up until about 10PM to try to get ahead of the jet lag. Imagine my surprise to find my bag packed differently.

More of our purchases
Inserted about half way down in the main section of my bag was a piece a paper that stated the TSA had inspected my bag. Hm m m. . .I speculate that those three cans of fish soup were probably the reason my bag was searched.  Or, perhaps, it was the jars or mustard. . . I lost a sock; but everything else was there.

We didn't have too much trouble adjusting to our home time although it was about ten days before I really felt like my body clock was in the zone again!

N had purchased us seats that had extended leg room and that made a huge difference in our comfort. The best parts of the trip were sharing the experiences with my husband, B and daughter, N. Thanks N for spending so much time with us. Meeting J's family and getting to spend time with his mom, M was truly terrific.

J was a great host. N, you and J truly made this trip so extra special and amazing! I'm calling the experience PRICELESS!

So. . .N, are you going to be ready for me to visit you in London in March?


JoJo said...

Ok, I'm trying to read sideways on your stash of goodies you bought. I thought that was a mustard bottle I spied. YUMMY.

Monica said...

I also bought a melamine tray in Paris in the late 80s, which I am still using! For quilting! LOL. It really sounds like a fabulous trip. I hope N will organize London for you next! said...

Yes, JoJo, that is French mustard. . .looks like the brand we buy in the U.S. . . . expect what we buy in the U.S. has an English label! :) said...

Monica, what a good idea for a secondary use of the tray! N will provide some insight on what might be fun to see in and around London. This will be my third trip and I WILL see the Victoria and Albert museum this time!