Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Little More Quilting On The Chicken

Pebbles in the background
Well, last time I posted that I didn't have to decide about all pebbles in the background. I was quilting away in my "zone." Because I was watching the space and not thinking about "where" I was stitching, I stitched outside the boundaries. I plan to keep stitching; I've lots of background to cover and still have lots of ditch quilting to do on the appliqu├ęs.

Do you suppose that I can still quilt other textures, or, did I commit myself to pebbles everywhere? Okay, I agree. I am certifiable nuts to have even completed this many pebbles already!

Back of "Flight Path"
Speaking of pebbles, I've quilted many over the years. I'll share my butterfly quilt which was inspired by the children's book, "Velma Gratch and the Way Cool Butterfly." 

Front of "Flight Path"
I wanted to stitch a two sided quilt that was all thread. As I neared the finish, I decided that I wanted the size to be bigger. I added the outer border via the quilt as you go method. Meaning, I quilted the border and then added it to the quilt!

It was a bold move and it worked! It is easier to see the segments that I added when you view the back.

Finished Front of "Flight Path"
I enjoy hanging it sometimes with the back showing and sometimes with the front showing!

Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of the back now. I removed the partial sleeve (the piece hung in an art gallery system so I needed access to the center of the project) and replaced it with a sleeve that had Flight Path embroidered on it.

JoJo at "Through My Hands" digitized the words for me. I so love this font!
Back of "Flight Path"


Luann Fischer said...

Your update on those pebbles astounds me. But I can understand how it happens. You get in your zone, and the world disappears, until someone saves you from yourself by asking what you'd like for the next meal. I'm fortunate to have a husband that likes to cook, as long as I'm willing to clean up! But it does free me up to stitch, blog, or engage in other creative adventures. Blessings for the family. said...

Luann, Yep, I wasn't paying attention to where I was pebbling. When I'm working that close to my work, I tend to concentrate on the space I'm coloring and sometimes, "accidents" happen. I hope that this will end up being a happy accident! :)

Monica said...

I love the pebbles, and Flight Path! I definitely think you can switch up to another fill in an organic way around the background. It could be really interesting and beautiful. I think a "happy accident" is right! said...

Monica, perhaps, it will be possible to add another fill; but, perhaps, this happy accident will be the fill of choice. The pebbles do a great job of muting the background allowing the eye to focus on the chickens! Thanks for your comment about pebbles. I probably won't be loving them as much once I finish! :)

Unknown said...

I love pebbles and I love your Flight Path quilt! It's so cool to create a quilt design solely with thread!! I think you can still do other background fills. Changing background fills "randomly" is a modern approach. Angela Walters does a lot of that. said...

Thanks, Nancy! We will see about my ability to add other background fills. . .or . . .not!!! Yes, Angela Walters does this sort of thing well.