Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Miss K in her hostess role
Last week, I had a birthday. . .I turned 60. Because I don't make plans for my birthday, I had agreed to teach a number of classes that week. I taught CPR Tuesday and Thursday. Friday, T and I updated seven Red Cross lifeguard instructors in a skills review course.  Saturday and Sunday, I trained twelve 11-13 year olds in the Red Cross Babysitter's Training program. We had the grands on Monday. Wednesday, my husband had a full hip replacement surgery. Little did I know, daughters A and N had a plan for me on Saturday night; but, they weren't sharing it with me!

Miss J in her hostess role
A couple of my quilting buddies with their husbands
Crazy, week? It was! My husband has had hip issues his whole life because of a birth defect of how his left hip formed. In the last three months, his pain level went from about a seven to off the scale. Aleve had no effect. He had to stop walking the dog and some other daily activities. He found it more comfortable to sleep in his chair rather than the bed! He even ate my cooking full time and said he enjoyed it!

From the time he had his first appointment with the orthopedic surgeon to the surgery, it was two weeks. Today, he is a week post op. He feels great. He is carrying a cane for just in case situations and he is waiting for the healing to happen which it is. He is following the rules to a "T!" He looks forward to riding his bicycle in August.
Me, A and N who plotted the logistics!
The night of his surgery, our youngest daughter, N, who lives in London, arrived for a surprise visit. She scared the crap out of me which is just the effect she wanted. I was in bed when I heard footsteps coming down the hall. After pulling my heart out of my mouth, I was glad to see her!

The following day, we brought the surgical patient home. Friday, the oldest daughter, A, and family came for dinner. The patient supervised cooking the chicken on the Traeger smoker/barbecue. I thought that this was my birthday celebration dinner. Son-in-law, J, even brought my favorite pie--Strawberry/rhubarb. Saturday, we were all supposed to go to the oldest daughter's home for dinner. I said to make it easy and let's call this evening what we would do tomorrow.

The patient and I enjoying a bit of Dalwhinnie
The patient wouldn't hear of it. N said that A had the food already in process and it would ruin her day if I didn't go. I said okay and not with a smile on my face either!

I was tired after teaching the babysitting training skills! When I arrived, K, our oldest grand, handed me a paper she had written, "Welcome to Gran's Party." Her dad, J, had made a pitcher of a special beverage he named, "Stitch in the Ditch." It was delicious although, all I couldn't tell you all the ingredients!

A and N had a surprise birthday party planned. How fun! I saw people from when I worked at the Red Cross and members of my water
Water aerobics class members sampling the hors d'oeuvres
aerobic class came as well as a couple quilting friends and their husbands. It was great to catch up as I haven't seen some of those people in many years! A and N kept the table stocked with dairy and soy free alternatives. What delicious choices there were!

During one conversation, I said that I was  thinking about making a quilt using 60 degree angles in honor of my year.  P, one of my quilting buddies, said she was planning to make a project like that and I could join her. Ahhh an enabler. Life is good! Daughter, N, rolled her eyes and said she was so cold!!!!!
A and J made Kalua pork sliders. YUM!

The patient stayed home and rested. Although once home, I did share a bit of Dahlwinnie scotch I received for my birthday. The patient hadn't had any pain medications so a little imbibing wasn't unhealthy for him.

So there was no progress made on the chicken project last week. I'm okay with that. I'd rather hang with the daughters over quilting any day! They did tell me their original plans were to meet at 2:30 (2x30=60) at a tea house for the party; but, because I was working, I nixed their plans! Sorry, ladies! I guess we will have to "party" there the next time N comes for a visit!

Thanks everybody for coming! It was the best party I have ever had! (Thanks A and N for planning and hosting it!)
The attendees, hostesses and me! (N is taking the photo.)


Monica said...

Happy birthday! What a great family photo at the end there. Love the 60 degree idea too!

I think you can be excused for no work on the chickens this week. ;)

Janice Smith said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Terry! What a lovely party you had, and how special that your daughter flew home for a surprise visit. I'm sure that was also happy medicine for your husband.
As always, the little hostesses are adorable. said...

Thanks, Monica. Perhaps, I'll be back to work on those chickens over the holiday weekend! said...

Yes, Janice, having both daughters around was healing medicine for the "patient!" Those hostesses are so fun to interact with!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful birthday party! Happy birthday!! You just reminded me of a surprise party we had for my mom for her 70th. Friends and family had flown in from around the country. It was in a private room at a restaurant. It was so funny because she's really slow to catch on, just like me, so as we walked in it took her a while to figure out why she kept seeing people in the room that she knew!

Luann Fischer said...

Happy Birthday to a special friend. said...

Nancy, looking back, I can see the "indicators" of a surprise; but, not being in that frame of mind, I totally missed it! It was a fun party. said...

Luann, thanks!

She Quilts It said...

What a great surprise. You looked like it was a very happy day! said...

Joanne, it was a happy day!