Monday, May 8, 2017

Month 4 of 8--QAYG (Quilt As You Go)

Most of the templates used
This month, we received the videos for the class late which didn't allow me time to doodle and to practice. Okay. . .I could have doodled and practiced; but, had I done so, my blocks wouldn't be finished in time for the class on Saturday! The saying, "Better finished than perfect," was going through my head. I sure don't want to get behind on this project.

This post, I'm including a photo of most of the templates that I used to quilt the blocks.

Simple motif
The directions were to use a circle template, create this motif and then add more motifs to the block. The finished block will be 6 inches x 24 inches.

It would have been helpful had the video included information about how the block was marked. It took me some time to figure out that the lines on either side of the center line were the width of the template!

This was an important line because I used it as a reference line while using the circle template! My first motif went well. The second one was a little wonky. I added some gripping tape to the back of the template and that helped me hold the template better in place.

Once I finished quilting the motifs, I added some lines. I was challenged to back track. The design of the foot makes it tough to see where I'm stitching in some directions.

Finished first block of four

Finished second block of four--clamshell design

The second block used the clamshell template. In spite of my clumsy use of the template--I kept turning it incorrectly--the block is easily recognizable as clam shells. I never did figure out how to start the design on the left side of the block; but, my "squiggles" "should" end up in the seam allowance. Again, it took some thought to figure out where to draw the registration lines; but, like with the first block, the template held the answer. The registration lines corresponded to lines on the template. I "got" to practice realigning the template with each "arc." I was surprised at how much realigning there was!

Adding veins to the arc.
The third block utilized the clamshell template in a little different manner. I had a challenge with the foot fitting into the template when using the template from the side of the foot. I wonder if my template has an incorrect bevel or perhaps my foot just isn't the right shape for the template. I'll ask if others had issues. To make the design "work," I dropped the template about a quarter to half an inch. That space allowed the foot to move around the template.

Finished third block of four--adding veins to the clamshell 

In the end, my veins are different sizes; but, I'm okay with that. It is a little tricky to hold the template in the same spot each time. The more I stitched, the easier it became.

The circle template in action
For the last block, it was back to the circle template. I learned how to use the curved template to make a gentle S curve and then, I learned how to use the circle template to stitch a curve of circles!

I learned how to use the clamshell template to add a couple lines of ripples and then I added more ripples until the space was quilted!

Finished fourth block of four--circles

I enjoyed making this block the most. Next month we stitch another four blocks; but, this are a bit smaller. It is back to working on the chicken!


Monica said...

The circles really turned out well! That one appeals to me quite a lot, I can see how you might do a range of interesting things fairly quickly. Thanks for sharing! said...

Monica, I had to chuckle over your comment about quilting quickly! It is cool to see how using various parts of the ruler changes the design. I sure wouldn't have thought to use the ruler in some of the ways shown to the class!

Anonymous said...

Do you even have a clue to how professional you are becoming! You are on your way, Terry!!--Gail said...

Awe Gail, you are making me blush! Thank you!

Unknown said...

Looks like some interesting challenges this month Terry! said...

Carla, there were challenges this month! I succeeded though which is TERRIFIC! Thanks for your comment!