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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

#FALQ4--Terry Knott --Finish #3

Pillow case finish #3
Okay. . .the finish for this post isn't dramatic.

I finished the pillow case to go with my "42 Minis." This is finish #3 for the fourth quarter. I used about a yard of the left over fabrics which brings my total to 22 1/2 yards used from my stash so far this year. I'm almost half way to my goal for the year! All that is left for the "42 Minis" is to figure out where to place my name tag that I wore for the year. I think it should be on the front of the quilt somewhere; but, just where that is escapes me for now.

It is good to have some smaller projects on the list to diversify a bit. Big project after big project would become work which would not be fun!

Pinned and ready for quilting.
I did pin another large quilt for quilting. I am planning to finish a couple other small projects before I tackle another large quilting project. I'll take more breaks so that my shoulders, hands and other body parts fare better than they did quilting the "42 Minis." This is the guild block of the month (BOM) from last year. Most of this fabric came from my stash so I'll be adding a chunk toward using my stash goal when I finish it.

Keira squeezing the water after prewashing
Keira and I did cut out her skirt. She agrees with me, selecting the pattern and fabric was fun. Doing the prewash test and ironing was fun. Making the pattern to fit her size was sort of interesting; but, the cutting out and marking process was down right boring. She looks forward to sewing and anticipates wearing her skirt soon!

Getting ready to cut out the interfacing
The end of the year is coming way too fast. Of the seven projects I listed at the beginning of the year to finish, I have finished just one! Realistically, it is probable that I will finish two other projects on that list. It is possible that I could finish one more.  I did make progress on one other project and of the seventh--well, I practiced some lettering in embroidery. If those finishes happen, I will call it a great year. If they don't, I'll call is a good year!

Throughout the year, I started new projects, which is good. I expanded my original list. Participating in the Finish-A-Long 2016 (FAL) has been great. Even though I have finished so few projects, it has been terrific to set quarterly goals. For the last two months of the year, I'm setting weekly goals to see if that makes a difference in how quickly I finish a project. I did learn that I do better with being more specific about a goal and that I have more success if I break the goal into parts. I get to celebrate more wins this way!

For the fourth quarter of the FAL, I had 20 goals. I've completed three. No, I won't get them all finished; but, that just means that I'll have plenty to do in the new year! This is my third Finish-A-Long 2016 for quarter number 4. You can read my list here.

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