Wednesday, November 9, 2016

#FALQ4 Finish #4--A Skirt

Stitching the skirt--driving!!
Miss K did it with help from me. . .she finished her skirt! She thought using tape to baste the zipper in place was a great idea and she tried to baste a few other items with a piece of wonder tape. It is a cool product and sure saves some time and frustration with zipper insertion!

Providing the power to the machine
She added the top stitching. When we sew, her legs aren't long enough yet to touch the foot pedal so she gets to choose whether she wants to drive or whether she wants to provide the power. Some days, she is all about driving or guiding the fabric. . .other days, she is all about providing the power. On the "power" days, I set the foot pedal on the table and she pushes the "go" button with her hand. Let me tell you, on "power" days, I need to be quick because she runs pedal to the metal! :) She did a little of each with this project. Her driving is getting much better. . .although, her attention tends to wander. As does mine at times. . .I guess we really are related! :)

She chose buttons two pink buttons from the button box  that were the perfect size. Then we used the Bernina to sew the buttons to the decorative welts. She liked seeing the Bernina stitch back and forth!

The needle is sharp
K did a little hand work. I put the needle in the fabric and she pulled it through. Her first question was how do you knot the thread to end?

Wasn't that a great question? We estimated and then counted how many stitches it would take before we needed to answer that question. Even J climbed into my lap and watched the process up close and personal!

Then, K saw that we take three tiny stitches on top of each other and then hide the thread to make a knot. She was surprised at how sharp the needle was. Yes, she stuck herself so she needed a bandaid!

The big tahdah moment was putting on the skirt for the first time. Yes! It fits! Yes! It swirls! Ahhhh. . .now, may she wear it often and love it!

Her mama texted me the evening she took her skirt home. Mama said K was so excited to share the skirt with her daddy. She planned to wear it to her "school" the following day!

Miss J's skirt fabric is ready for me to cut out the pattern. I may get to that over the weekend. Because the two girls are about the same size around; I wanted to see how this skirt fit Miss J. I'll be need to make a smaller size as we needed to take up the waist a bit.

This is my fourth Finish-A-Long 2016 for quarter number 4. You can read my list here.


Nancy said...

K's skirt turned out wonderful! She really is a very good little seamstress!!

Luann Fischer said...

Looks like you are having a wonderful time. said...

Nancy, she has a good flair for stitching. I hope it will transfer to quilting!--Terry said...

Luann--any day spent with a grandkid is a good day. Stitching with a grandkid is truly wonderful!--Terry

Nicky said...

Bravo Miss K ! On her way to becoming a great stitcher. Congratulations on the finish and thank you for participating in the 2016FAL, on behalf of all the hosts! said...

Nicky--so kind of you to stop by! Thank you for being a host! This FAL sure has helped me and I plan to accomplish more next year!