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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Year End Accounting

At the beginning of each year, I make a plan on what projects I want to finish. This year, I also made a goal of using 50 yards of fabric from my stash.

I wanted to quilt these:
It's pieced. I just need to figure out the quilting!

BOM: I wanted to embroider words as one of the borders. . .well, I still want to; but, need to be more proficient at the embroidery!

Chickens--this was a BOM from about 2007! I have most of the applique done. Need to put the blocks together and finish the applique that crosses over the blocks.

There are also some smaller projects; but, enough of what didn't get done as this is supposed to be a blog about FINISHING! :)
By the way, I plan to leave ALL of these projects on the list for next year!

I did quilt these:
Pinwheel Twist
made from some old blocks. . .hmmm the story could be a future blog!

Blueberry Lime. I blogged about it here and here.

Dad's Stars. I blogged about it here and here

Ouch:A book club quilt for the book, "Jane."

Ripples: A book club quilt for the book, "The Husband's Secret." I blogged about it here.

Pathways: A book club quilt for the book, "Wild." I blogged about it here.

Joy One. I had LOADS to blog about the words here and here!
Joy Two: You can read about it here and here.

Circus quilt. This is a raffle quilt for a small group that I'm part of. I completed all of the machine applique. 

Positively: A book club quilt for the book, "Where Lilacs Still Bloom." You can read about the process here, here and here.

The grands wanted pajamas and dresses/outfits. Of course, I obliged! You can read about the cape here. Last week, I blogged about the jean skirt and pajamas I stitched from fabrics that the grands had picked. You can see those photos here.

Four of the pillow cases that we stitched.
The granddaughters and I stitched 26 pillowcases. My goal was 24; but, the grands got excited with the fabric selection so we made extra. We donated 21 to a transition house. The oldest granddaughter can't understand that some kids might not have a pillowcase of their own. She likes picking the fabrics!

The liner and cover
I also made 14 hot/cold rice packs. These are gifts for family and friends. 

Rice Pack ready to use!

I embroidered 45 tea cup luggage tags as gifts for the Spring retreaters. Then I embroidered about a dozen more just for gifts!!

The theme for the Spring Retreat was "Tea for 42" so I made the tea cup luggage tags; but the other luggage tags were just too cute to not stitch!

There was also that special stocking.

I used about 65 yards of fabric from my stash. I replaced at least 15 yards; but I do have a little more space in my fabric tubs. The emphasis here is "little." My stash needs more thinning! 

A highlight of the year was working with a small group and working through The Artist's Way exercises. I found the group input helpful and inspiring. It has been about six months since we met; but, I'm still following my plan. . .well, at least, I'm planning and working towards goals! It has been a great year! Now to refine my plans and make 2016 an even more productive year!


  1. I'm impressed with all you've accomplished. All the projects are nice but those little girls in their new clothes are just SO cute!
    Karen kfstitcher

    1. Karen, Grand kids. . .no matter the age/size are always cute and fun to sew clothes for. . .especially when they react with such glee! Thank you for your comment!-Terry

  2. Terry,
    May God bless you with a peace filled and productive new year.

    1. Luann, thanks! God is great and God is good ALL of the time!--Terry

  3. its wonderful to look back and see just what was achieved x Well done x

    1. Diane, It was good to see the finished projects. I had lost track! Thank you for commenting and visiting!--Terry

  4. Great work! We always wish we could do more, but it is good to realize that we still did a lot!

    Ruffled Roses caught my eye right away -- that's on my list for this year. Right after Stars for a New Day! Let's have a wonderful, stitchy new year!

  5. Monica--those Ruffled Roses would have been completed some time ago. . .if I hadn't decided to make the quilt larger! Yes, let's have a wonderful, stitchy new year!!--Terry


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