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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Thank You and 3 Finishes!

At the end of June, I restarted my blog. I blogged about it here. Since then, I've created 26 posts and have been able to post about once a week. Writing isn't easy for me; but, you have rewarded my efforts by reading my posts and leaving me comments. I am both honored and humbled that you are following my journey. I'm developing special friendships through my blog which have touched my heart. Being on the receiving end of feedback to improve my quilting efforts is inspirational. Thank you and I look forward to continuing documenting my processes with you!

Now, for the THREE finishes!!!

Last post, I shared these fabrics:

The grands had placed an order. How can a grandparent not make a sewing request happen? So, the flower fabric became pajamas at the request of the 3 1/2 year old granddaughter. She is a totally girly girl. Fabrics with flowers, sparkles and pink catch her eye! Plus, she has asked the last several months how the flower pajamas are coming along!

The 2 year old granddaughter fondled that animal print corduroy fabric for weeks. I figured, if she went to that much trouble of selecting it from the fabric bin, it was hers! I sewed her a jean-like skirt. She likes to climb, hop, jump and "man" tools like the food processor and sewing machine! At a department store, I found a pink shirt with an animal print applique and a pair of sparkle black leggings to complete her outfit.

These are Christmas presents. So tomorrow, I'll know how loved the outfits are!

The third finish is a Christmas sock. The pattern came from the Fall 2011 issue of Quilter's World magazine. I purchased these 2 1/2" strips at our guild's (Clark County Quilters) fall stash bazaar and wanted to use them.
I pieced two panels and then cut each panel in half:

Next, I cut the panels into strips using the 60 degree angle on a 24 inch ruler. Sadly, I botched the first cut. So my plan is to improvisationally piece these into a project. . .maybe, I'll make a table runner or a couple place mats. Monica over at Lakeview Stitching had a post about her improv piecing. Click here to read it.

I did have two panels left and managed to cut those correctly! One panel I cut with a left angle and one panel I cut with a right angle. Then I stitched a right and a left strip together. I joined the pairs until I had a piece of fabric large enough to cut out the sock.

I ditch quilted using monofilament thread. I embroidered the name on the cuff. I cut out the lining--a piece added to my stash long ago. I added a ribbon hanger and stitched the lining to the sock.

Wella,--a finished sock! I added it to the mantel to see if the recipient noticed.

Our daughter's boyfriend is spending the holiday with us. His dad died about a month ago after a three year battle with leukemia. He lives in the south of France; she lives in London, England. Although neither has said as much, from his actions, we figure "she's the one" for him. (We figure she hasn't decided if "he's the one" for her yet!) We like him and I wanted him to feel like a special part of the family. He has to be missing his mom, brother, dad and their traditions as he has only been away for a Christmas holiday once.

He was so touched by the sock as he has seen the project in process; but, didn't know it was for him!
You know it was loved, when he immediately took a selfie with it and sent it to his mom!

Yesterday, I had arthroscopic knee surgery on my right knee. In 2009, I was rear ended in a car accident and a change container fell out of place and whacked me on the knee. It was sore and I had a little physical therapy on it. I have continued with the exercises. In August, I was walking my friend (We took an hour morning walk every day until that day!) and felt a pop. Pain followed; but, it wasn't too bad. I iced it and in about two weeks, it was better. I was walking my friend crossing the street and it happened again, except the pain level was much greater. Then in October, I had the same pop happen in my other knee while walking the dog. Except, this time, I had to text my husband because I couldn't walk the last 50 feet to the house! Bad knees are genetic in my family, I thought I had beat it because I've followed an exercise for most of my adult life.

It has been but under 24 hours, but, already, the pain of healing, is much less than the pain of the meniscus tear, the ensuing scar tissue and cartilage damage that has been causing pain with each step I've taken. I'm excited about how great it feels. At this rate in eight weeks, I'll have the surgery on my left knee. Perhaps, the recovery will be just as awesome.

Best yet, I'm not going to be away from the studio like I thought. I'll still have topics to blog about!!!

I hope you've finished all your Christmas projects.



  1. Terry,
    It's been great getting to know you. Someday, we really must figure out a way to have a cuppa in the same location, at the same time! Until then,
    Here's a cup of peppermint tea and a no bake oatmeal cookie to munch on.
    One of the new friends you've acquired during 2015

    1. Luann, having a cuppa in the same location at the same time would be AWESOME. Some day, we will make it work! Yes, you are one of my special "acquired" friends! --Terry

  2. I love the panel you made the stocking out of and hope that your knees continue to get better. We had a similar situation here with a daughter bringing home a boyfriend for us to meet. I feel like the "being the one" set up here is the same as you described with your daughter. We hope our team both decide they are the one because we love him!
    Merry Christmas! Karen kfstitcher

    1. Karen, what an interesting parallel we are sharing! Time will tell on how each situation works itself out. Thank you for your comment!--Terry

  3. I'm hoping your recovery is speedy so we can see you up and about. So touching to read about the gifts and the stocking. You are wonderful.

    1. Joanne, the recovery is progressing well. It is amazing how much more energy one has when there is less pain! The gifts were fun to make and even more fun to watch the recipients' faces when they opened their packages!--Terry

  4. I'm sorry I'm late, I've been trying to stay off the computer and rest! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I already know all your gifts were well loved. What two year old wouldn't love that corduroy?! I'm so glad that your knee is recovering so quickly. Now you will be very encouraged for the next surgery too.

    Good luck with your improv! The link up started today, so why not join in? Happy stitching!

    1. Monica, I love comments. . .comments are never late! :) Christmas was great and went by way too fast. The two year old loved the corduroy! I'll have to check out your link up!--Terry


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