Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Greece- Day 8

Sunrise with fog
This morning I did some more work on my temperature quilt. I enjoyed a cup of coffee while watching the sunrise. The sunrise today was a little different from the previous day, although it was till beautiful in spite of fog! Yesterday, we bought some coffee pods so we can use the Keurig style coffee maker. Miss Ada enjoyed playing Elmo 123 on Bob's iPad, and we folded laundry. 

Cheese and toast for breakfast
For breakfast. most of us chose to eat cheese and toast. It was yummy. The Callahans headed off to Apollo's Arch while the rest us us walked into town and down to the beach. 

Apollo's Arch (Photo A. Callahan)
They also snapped a great shot of the city while they were sight seeing.

View of the city (Photo A. Callahan)
We wanted to check out the shops and see the view from the beach one more time.

Signage in English (Photo N. Knott)
We got a kick out of this sign in English. We pondered the meaning for a few steps.

Manhole cover/possible quilting design (Photo N. Knott)
Nicole humored me and took a photo of a manhole cover. It reminded me of a quilting design.

The return walk to the villa (Photo N. Knott)
We looked into some shops and we enjoyed watching the beach/water from a restaurant as we sipped an iced coffee. Then we hiked back to our villa.

Napping on Uncle (Photo N. Knott)
When we arrived at the villa, the Callahans were chilling on the couch. It was lunch time. We turned the remaining phyllo dough and some leftover cheese into little pies. Because dairy upsets Miss J's stomach,  she had meat pies. We enjoyed eating chips, lettuce, more cheese, more meat, bread, a cucumber/tomato salad, and apricots.

Continuing the nap on Auntie (Photo N. Knott)
After everyone (except James) got sunscreen and swim suits on we headed into the pool. Miss A, Miss J, and Miss K were all excited about swimming. It would be our last time in this pool, as we leave tomorrow for a few more days in Athens. Miss A loved the water and going under for a few seconds, she also enjoyed being on Bob's shoulders. Miss K and Miss J enjoyed bubble bobs, breast stroke, front crawl, and back craw together and also did a few fun challenges from their dad.

The smile after losing a tooth (Photo N Knott)
Then after fun in the sun we headed inside. Miss A watched 'Miss Rachael' her educational show to learn how to speak a wide selection of words. Nicole's partern handed out little pretzel sticks and all of the Grandkids enjoyed. Miss K was holding the phone for Miss A to watch 'Miss Rachael' and eating the pretzels when one of her molar baby tooth fell out! She rushed to get a paper towel to get some of the blood out, when I looked in her mouth a new one had already popped out! While Miss K was taking care of her tooth, Miss A sat on her Uncle James lap to watch Daft Punk which is a French robot band when she fell asleep! Swimming and keeping up with your older cousins is tiring!

The tooth

Then James gave the sleeping Miss A to Miss J so he could prepare dinner tonight. Miss K and I had some time outside trying to look for a can opener in the outdoor kitchen. No Luck! We wanted to open a can of tomato sauce for spaghetti; but, resorted to using a bottle opener. Then Miss A got transferred to her aunt Amanda. Next Miss J joined James and helped make sauce.

For dinner we had spaghetti with red sauce, a salad of cucumbers, tomato, and bell pepper, and pita garlic bread. We ended the night playing a game of Pinochle. It was a close game; but, I came out on the losing side. Stay tuned next week for Greece-day 9! 

(Miss K wrote this post. I edited it!)


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Beautiful sunrise and breakfast sounds yummy, too! That's a beautiful view from up at Apollo's Arch, too. What amazing days you had, Terry!

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

A wonderful day of adventure, family fun and relaxation. Ya'll got so much done in each day. The sunrise is just beautiful and what a wonderful memory of working on your temperature quilt there. Miss K looked like one happy girl to have lost a tooth. Have a fabulous day , Terry.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Oh what a great read here, Terry. Thank you for sharing your day with us...very interesting and it sure looks like everyone is having a grand time, especially the children. How wonderful!

Preeti said...

Beautiful pictures except the tooth :-D
I guess there no philosophizing when you are busy making ends meet and raising kids etc.