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Greece--Day 10

Miss J outside the archeological museum (Photo J. Callahan)

This morning, we enjoyed a cup of coffee, a slice of cheese with a slice of bread. On our final day, our first plan was to visit the National Archeological Museum. Not all of the group wanted to visit the museum so those that wanted to go went by taxi.

Exhibit at the war museum (Photo J. Callahan)
The most interesting exhibit at the museum was a copper fry pan. It was made about 300 B.C. Over time it was a beautiful blue and the design was coils. The inside of the pan was smooth. Amanda said that the person who used this beautiful dish must have had status. Perhaps, women were thought more highly of than we have been led to believe.

I always find the nails, fish hooks and pottery of interest. I marvel at how long it would take them to make something. They couldn't build a piece of furniture until they had made the nails. They couldn't catch fish, if they didn't have hooks. I enjoyed the designs on the pottery. Utilitarian items were beautified in some way. 

Getting ready to cut the linen fabric

After the museum, James and Miss J went to the War Museum. They met Bob and Nicole's partner. The rest of us took a walk to find the vinegar that we had tasted on the food tour. The guide had stated it was available in grocery stores and as a product of Naxos, we would be able to find it there. We didn't find it on Naxos.

We walked about half an hour and I said, I was ready for a cooling break. We stopped for a coffee and a pastry that we shared. The ice coffees were presented in a an artistic way. The fruit bar, while not Miss K's favorite was delicious. She preferred the chocolate cake with a gooey chocolate center. 

The grocery store that the tour guide recommended was closed. We went to a deli which had a lot of olive oil, marmalade, wine, sandwiches and bread for sale; but, no vinegar. Then we walked a bit further to the hotel where we had initially tasted the vinegar. We asked for a tasting so Miss K and Nicole could taste the vinegar. 

We received a tasting, Miss K wasn't that excited about it; but Nicole thought the vinegar we liked was good. Why we spent so much effort in capturing this vinegar is because it is unlike vinegar I've tasted before. Natives purchase this vinegar and sip it as an aperitif. It is mild and delicious.

At any rate, we were able to purchase several containers. As we meandered through the streets, we walked through some of the areas of our food tour. We were able to enjoy the spice market and the meat market for a second time. I'm glad we were able to share the experience with Nicole and Miss K!

Cutting the fabric

We decided it was time for lunch. Miss K wanted to eat in a park. Miss K and Nicole viewed the area and found a green space on the map. 

Fabrics cut and business name of the shop
Graphics on the menu--a potential quilt design

We decided that we would purchase something to take with us to eat in the park. If there was a shop that interested us--usually me--we went in. Often, the shop aisles were so narrow that only I went in. I shopped several household goods shops looking for a particular metal spatula. I didn't find what I was looking for; but, it was fun to look! 

We saw shops that contained embroidery supplies, bedding supplies and trim supplies. We crossed a street and in front of a shop were rolls of fabric! Of course, I had to go inside. Inside, there were even more rolls of sheer fabrics and laces. The shop was tiny. There was a table for cutting; but bolts of suiting fabrics were stacked on the end of it. There was one table that contained linen. 

When I saw the linen, I told Miss K to tell the others that I was spending money there! The owner didn't speak English and I don't speak Greek. I selected a fabric and showed him with my hands how much I wanted. He gave me a look of only that much? Then he brought me a meter stick and I showed him on the stick how much I wanted. 

He took the fabric and the stick to the cutting counter and with scissors cut my fabric. I selected a variety of colored linen. It is more of a light weight medium fabric. I hope it will work into a special memory project as I tried to purchase a color that each person in our group favored. Some favored the same color so I also purchased a few fabrics that would remind me of our trip. In all, I spent 16 Euros for eight pieces of linen that measure 10 1/2 inches by 58 inches. I figure if I need a background fabric, I can purchase that at one of my local fabric stores. I imagine the shop owner is still shaking his head at the crazy American woman's purchase!

Our last dinner together 

After my purchase, we saw another fabric store. This one had a manikin wearing a coat with a Burda pattern pinned to the front of the coat. I could see bolts of fabric; but, we didn't go in. I was happy with my purchase.

Last day of Fanta drinks (Photo A. Callahan)
We walked a bit more and encountered the pie shop where we went for our first stop on the food tour. I asked if we wanted to purchase some hand pies here to take to the park. The cheese pie that was our favorite was out; but, we did purchase a spinach pie and a chicken pie. We also purchased a sausage roll and a cheese roll. All were good. Each of us had a favorite. Miss K and Ada liked the cheese roll, Amanda liked the chicken pie, Nicole liked the sausage roll and I liked the spinach pie. 

Pork dinner (Photo A. Callahan)
We did eat our lunch in the park; but, it was a green space which didn't include any equipment for kids. No play equipment was a disappointment for Miss K! From there, we took a taxi back to our penthouse.

The Mountain  (Photo A. Callahan)
For our final dinner, Nicole googled grills that were within a ten minute walk. She found two possibilities. The first wasn't open; but, the second was a great spot. We ordered a couple salads to share as appetizers. James ordered pork as a dinner, Amanda ordered pork that came wrapped in a pita, Miss J ordered a chicken skewer. Miss K ordered the mini burgers or sliders. Bob, Nicole and I ordered "The Mountain" which was a pork sausage, with chicken and pork kebabs, shaved chicken and pork with pita bread and fries. It easily would have fed four to five people. It was a great meal to end our stay in Athens.

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Terry that was an amazing full day . I am curious if the vinegar tasted any different than what we are used to here. Lunch in the park sounds delightful.All of the food looks amazing and nice portions as well.