Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Planning. . .Do I Dare??--February Goals

Walking foot quilting for the class sample
January was the month to see if I could write a post to publish each Sunday. The first three posts were challenging and the fourth post felt less difficult. In the end, I was successful. In February, I plan to bring back Wednesday posts in addition to my Sunday posts.

During my recovery, I'm practicing a little every day so that I can pass my CPR instructor skills test which happens in the middle of February. My body rebels against compressions; but, I hope that I will build enough strength and muscle memory that my body will perform like it did before being rear ended in a car accident last September.

Fabrics for a sample for my May class

I've had a couple chiropractic sessions. The sessions made me sore in a good way. I'm back to receiving regular massage and acupuncture sessions. Being sick and missing six weeks of appointments means my road to "normal"continues to be a long journey. 

I had a physical therapy appointment; but, the exercises I was assigned were too much for my ability. I gave myself muscle spasms and pain that I haven't had in more than a month. I don't have another physical therapy appointment until the middle of February. I am hopeful to find a better path for me.

Some of Martha's flannel strings
I have Tomme to thank for You Tube chair yoga classes. Every day since January 6, I've completed at least a 30 minute session with Sherry Zak Morris. I modify some exercises; but, find that the stretching helps decrease my back pain. Every other day, I complete a neck and back session. On the alternate days, I sample different classes. There hasn't been a session that I didn't find helpful. I like the pace of the class. I believe that the chair yoga has helped me regain the ability machine piece almost like I did before the car accident.

Fabric post card possible materials
I set three sewing couple goals for the month of January. The goals are listed below.

✔1. Keep up with the temperature quilt.

✔2. Make progress on the Chilhowie mystery.

✔3. Make an example for my "Beyond the Flower Garden" class which I'm teaching in May. I'll be posting about this project on Sunday.

I achieved the goals that I listed. I found I wasn't able to concentrate on a class sample while I was working on the Chilhowie mystery. Previous to the accident, I was a multitasker. Now, I make too many mistakes juggling two activities at a time. My brain fatigues and I can't concentrate on another activity. Maybe later, I'll be able to keep several machine projects going at the same time. For now, I will stick to working on one project! 

Free motion quilt
For the last few years, I've set monthly and quarterly goals. Last year, I even set an annual goal; but, because of the accident, I set no fourth quarter goals. I also didn't write an end of the year post. Maybe, I'll write a summary in the coming months. I set soft goals for January while I thought about what sort of goals I might physically and mentally be able to achieve. Before my accident, I was planning my fourth quarter goals. I even had begun a list. I've made no progress on that list of projects. 

Do I dare to plan goals again? While I want to, I'm not feeling confident about being successful. I do believe it is important to try. I decided to set a few more monthly goals. I'll reevaluate the process after two months which will be at the end of March. Perhaps, I'll be able to bring back my quarterly goal list.

In the meantime, I'll continue with my rehab process. I miss machine quilting. Last November, I set my progress back trying to free motion machine quilt. I think I should try again in February. Let's see what happens.

Book club quilt project materials
My February goals are:

1. Keep up with the temperature quilt.

2. Take Chilhowie to the quilter.

3. Make a sample for my "Beyond the Flower Garden" class which is scheduled for May.

4. String piece some of Martha's flannel scraps.

5. Make some Valentine post

6. Try machine quilting on Lone Star project.

7. Write a Wednesday post in addition to my Sunday. post for my blog.

8. Work on the project for the book, "Where the Forest Meets the Stars" by Glendy Vanderah

Progress no matter how small is good. Let's see what happens!

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Nicole Knott said...

The star quilt looks good on that bed with all those colours! Think you need a 9 and 10... try a new otto dish and plan for London to visit your fav youngest daughter and youngest granddaughter.