Sunday, December 19, 2021

"String" of Lightening. . .Quilting in Progress

Fun fabric
When I last posted about this project, I had pulled three chunks from my stash to use to piece the back. I pieced the back. I checked my batting scraps. One of the chunks was this "Bee Positive" fabric. I am grateful that I have the time and the ability to sew and to create quilting projects! The light green was a fabric I used as bag lining for a couple of totes. The dark green fabric I used in several projects. I like using my old friends in new projects. I reminisce often about where those fabrics were in the past!

Pieced back fabrics
Regarding batting, I had a couple "chunks that I was able to piece together for a large enough piece to layer. I use all of my batting scraps. I piece even small bits together. A placemat, a bag, a mug rug or a handle for a kitchen towel is a good place for this sort of batting. The trimmings and too small pieces end up as stuffing for pillows and other projects.

Pin basting in process
I spent part of Monday morning, pin basting the layers together. I've started to quilt in the ditch. This was goal number 12 on my December goal list. It was goal number nine on my Fourth Quarter goal list

I'm linking to Oh Scrap and Quilting Is More Fun Than

Regarding COVID:

Worldwide: 272M cases; 5.35M deaths

United States: 50.7M cases; 805K deaths

Oregon: 405K; 5,531 deaths

All over the world, COVID rates are rising. Media reports continue to conclude that the omicron variant is seven times more contagious than previous variants of COVID.

 On Friday, the Oregon governor painted a bleak picture. She forecasted that by February 2022 COVID hospitalizations would exceed 3,000 which would be surpass the previous record number of hospitalizations by more than 2.5 times. The news is disheartening. 

The get vaccinated/get your booster/wear a mask/social distance mantra hasn't worked although the message remains the same. I feel for all of those on the front lines. They have been through the worst and are about to return to even deeper trenches. We are all exhausted. Please keep yourself safe.


Janice Smith said...

In our guilds, we call pieced backs “Back Art. “ ;-)

Ivani said...

I like this quilt, Terry. Great use of colorful scraps.
Have a safe and healthy week.
Happy Holiday Season!

The Joyful Quilter said...

What a great String quilt, Terry! LOVE it!!!

Bonnie said...

Terry -- I love your string quilt. It really looks neat. Yes, the info regarding Covid is going bad again. I suspect it will be something we'll live with for several more years. We have been pretty careful about going out and about. I guess we'll go back to be "hermits" again. Take care.