Wednesday, December 29, 2021

2021 Rainbow Scrap Challenge Block Layout

Same color in each block
My oldest granddaughter, who is nine years old, liked the blocks that I started during Angela's Rainbow Scrap 2021 challenge. She liked the process so much that she took over making the blocks. It was fun watching her create. It was awesome to see her confidence and skills increase as she completed each block. We both thought that we would like similar blocks together, all green, all red, etc.; but, she decided that was too boring! I agreed!

Color on the outside of the blocks
When we had sewn all the blocks, she wanted to know how the blocks would be positioned for the top. I told her she could choose the layout. Each sewing day that she spent in the studio, she would try a different layout. 

Trying a secondary design
She wanted to know how we would choose THE layout. I told her that she would know. As she progressed, some layouts didn't get more than ten blocks in and she was changing out the design! She skipped taking a photo of many designs!

This might be the layout
She decided the design above had possibilities. She is planning to layout all of the blocks to determine if she wants to continue or not. I think that she is on to something with her plan. 



Diane-crewe said...

How wonderful that your grandaughter has started to join in and sew with you x You BOTH did a great job x

Gretchen Weaver said...

How exciting to have your granddaughter piecing quilts! Happy stitching!