Wednesday, December 8, 2021

More Kitchen Towels. . . Six!

Towels and auditioning fabric

I picked up this pack of three towels because I liked the color and design combination. They were different from the plain colored towels that I have worked with in the past. I looked in my stash for a fabric that went with the towels. . .my reds were too blue and my greens weren't yellow enough! Gertie, my inner squirrel, thought we might go shopping until I picked up a leftover from the lone star top. It was perfect. I did note the red I had purchased to border Miss J's churn dash would have worked well too!

This time, I drew the handle pattern from a previously finished kitchen towel. The handle was a bit wider than the towels that Gertie and I made for the give away towels in October. I cut out the handles and a layer of batting. I sewed the handles and turned them right side out. Then I cut the towels apart and gathered the upper edge. I had considered adding some rick rack to the towels; but, I decided that I liked the towels more plain this time. I added the handles to the gathered edge of the towel and top stitched the handle. I added a button and buttonhole. Wella. . .I had six finishes! 

Finished Towels
These will be gifted during the holidays. Honestly, I could and will make a bunch more! I've a few linen towels in my stash. That project will be a good diversion sometime next year! This was goal number ten on my December list. I used about a quarter yard of fabric which brings my total used from stash this year to 21 yards.

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Darlene S said...

Wow, you found some lovely towels and I like what you created with them. The recipients will certainly love them too! So festive for the holidays.