Sunday, November 7, 2021

Lone Star with borders. . .It's a Top (post 3)

The first group of geese ready for stitching
Gertie, my inner squirrel, and I brainstormed a bit about designs for a border that would be on the top and bottom of the lone star. I wanted the top to fit on a bed. Hence, the need to add borders for length. 

Gertie, liked my idea of adding flying geese that floated above the star. I started cutting the pieces for the flying geese. Once I had a group cut, I stitched the units together. I used the philosophy of cut a little and sew a little!

I used Bonnie Hunter's method for this step. I cut strips. Next, I used her essential triangle tool to cut triangles out of the strips. I dislike methods that include drawing a line and cutting the waste triangle away. (I did cut a HST at the beginning of the strip and sometimes at the end of the strip so I have some pinwheels in the making. I, however, digress.) After I had sewn a few more geese, I did a little math to ensure I cut enough for variety but not enough for another project!

Auditioning the stripe fabric
Once I had pieced the geese fabrics, I auditioned them next to the lone star. Gertie said the geese needed striped sashing. When I auditioned the geese with the striped fabric, I agreed with her. Gertie responded with much tail flicking and chattering. I used the design wall to layout the geese in a sort of random organized pattern. 

Once I liked the pattern on the design wall, I stitched the blocks together into two long rows. I added the striped fabric to each side of the block. I also added a background strip of fabric to each side of the striped fabric.

After each step, I did lay the in progress border next to the quilt top to see if I liked what I was creating. I, however, failed to take photos past the point of the final
Beginning the row layout of the geese
 geese arrangement on the design wall!

After I had stitched the border to the top, I added another strip of background fabric to each side of the top. I had a finished top! Gertie likes the simplicity and interest that border added to the top. She claims the striped sashing is the key to the success of the border. I like floating the
Finished top
star and the border. I also like the size as it is about 78 inches wide by 98 inches long which is a good size to lay on top of a bed.

Next, I'll piece a back using the leftover red and green fabrics. I hope that there is enough! I plan to bind the quilt in the background fabric. Yesterday, I purchased more of it so that I can! This was goal number two on my October list.

I'm linking to Cynthia and Oh Scrap/Quilting Is More Fun Than House Work

Also, Gertie wanted me to mention the winners of the hanging towels from her post. The random generator selected Debbie, Pat, Kathleen and Nicole as winners. I hand delivered packages to Debbie and Pat. I mailed a package to Kathleen. While I was curious how much it would cost to mail a package overseas, Nicole has planned a trip to the states in a few weeks, so I'll catch up with her when she is in town.

Regarding COVID:

Worldwide: 250M cases; 5.04M deaths
United States: 46.4M cases; 754 deaths
Oregon: 372K cases; 4,562 deaths

In the United States, the Pfizer vaccine is being shipped to all parts of the country so that kids in the five to 11 year old range can be vaccinated. My granddaughters are planning to be vaccinated.


Darlene S said...

Beautiful Lone Star and excellent border too!

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Great choice for those borders. They work perfectly with the sat center. Nice job!

Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap! said...

Thank you, Darlene! Before Gertie, I would have made it much more complicated, I also would have not used a striped fabric! said...

Thank you, Cynthia. I'm still pinching myself because I really created that!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

That's a beautiful Lone Star, and I really like the flying geese borders, too. You and Gertie make a good team! said...

Thanks, Diann! Gertie has a lot to offer and it is much easier working with her!

Marie said...

Aren't you lucky to have your very own personal squirrel to help. Looks like Gertie was on her game as the quilt turned out beautifully. said...

Marie, I am fortunate to have Gertie working with me. We celebrate each bit of progress! Thank you for your kind comment! Gertie is ready to make the back or maybe she wants to do a little pressing or maybe she is going to do a little gluing. . .ah. . .that is a squirrel for you!

Luann Fischer said...

I agree that the striped border really added to the overall pattern. Just can’t beat having a 'squirrel' as a friend!!! lol
Beautiful quilt. said...

Luann, It is much more helpful to have a "squirrel" as a friend! I've ordered a wool batting and likely will make the back next month. I look forward to quilting this project!

Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

Great border solution!!! And yes to using BH's ruler, vs. drawing those endless lines. said...

Thank you, Nancy! BH's ruler is a good choice. In addition to not drawing those endless lines, there is no guilt that I'm not doing "something" with the "bonus triangles" because there are none of those!

Ivani said...

I love the extra borders. Great idea, Terry!! said...

Thank you, Ivani. I liked it when it was square; but, I like it even more now that it has those borders. Who knew???