Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Rhododendron Trail Mystery Fabrics--post 1

Gertie, my inner squirrel, loved Bonnie Hunter's colors for the upcoming Quiltville Mystery which is called Rhododendron Trail. Are you going to play along?

My Grassy Creek, the 2020 mystery, is still at the stage it was when Bonnie revealed the last clue. I'll likely work on it after at Christmas. My Frolic, the 2019 mystery, is at the quilter's. My Good Fortune, the 2018 mystery, needs a couple more borders because I want it to fit on a bed. I'm owning it that I haven't finished a mystery; however, I'm closing in on a finish with Frolic.

Color chips
In spite of my track record with the previous mysteries, I'm all in for Bonnie's 2021 mystery. At some point, I'll get the other mysteries finished. I like playing along. Bonnie stretches me with her color palette. This year, I decided to go rogue with my palette even though, I like the colors Bonnie chose. 

Why? I have a tiny amount of aqua, an even smaller amount of pink, a small amount of yellow and no garnet. I needed a buying trip. Gertie stopped in her tracks when she heard the word shopping. I explained that I wanted to go rogue. . .at first, she didn't move and then she started doing backflips for joy. 

My plan is: orange/gold instead of aqua; red instead of pink; navy instead of neutral for the background; blue instead of garnet and white instead of yellow. Let's see if what I sew turns into something I like! It is good to take risks. I didn't have enough of these fabrics either. I have been working on using my stash. I needed to replace these colors. While I might get a strip or two from my stash, only the white for now is coming straight from my stash! 

My palette
Gertie and I did a good job of supporting the local quilt shops. we purchased 32 and a half yards of fabric which is more than the amount of fabric that I have used from my stash this year. I purchased for this project, for the flannel project and an inner border for the churn dash project. I do plan to have a few more finishes before the end of 2021. I hope that I will have a net loss of fabric by the time the year ends! Currently, I have a net loss of 19 yards. It is no wonder that I'm not reducing my fabric when I keep purchasing!

I have prewashed all of the fabrics. Interestingly, a Basic Grey grunge red that I had had in my stash before hardly bled this time; but there was a Marcus and Benertex each of the reds that I had to treat three times before it stopped running. I had treated the previous grunge three times so this was an unexpected surprise. I had three solid navy fabrics that I also had to treat three times. Unfortunately, the selvage doesn't tell me who made it.

The fabrics are starched, pressed and the selvages removed. I'm ready for clue number one when Bonnie releases it on Black Friday! This was goal number nine on my November list.


Janice Smith said...

I love the bold colors you have chosen for the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt! My completed blocks for “On Ringo Lake - 2017” are still sitting in one of my project boxes. ;-() That is just pathetic; I need to get my act together and finish that one.

Sally Trude said...

Okay, I’m in, although I too keep dropping out early. But who can resist pulling the fabric… And time keeps playing tricks because when the colors were revealed, I remembered thinking that the end of November was still years away. said...

Janice, On Ringo Lake was the mystery that intrigued me; but, I was too chicken to pick fabrics! The fact that your project is sitting in one of your project boxes isn't pathetic at all. Your project is just aging or marinating until its time comes! said...

Sally, Oh your time comment sure made me chuckle. I can still remember when the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas felt like an eternity. I thought the more mature I became, the slower it would feel that time passed. So far. . .that hasn't been the case! I'm glad you are in too!

Preeti said...

Bonnie is a star. I was fortunate enough to meet her a few years ago when she was doing a lecture/presentation in a town 45 minutes away. As far as mystery quilts go, I am a control freak and therefore unable to commit sight unseen. I love your fabric pull and will follow you on this mystery journey :-) said...

Preeti, Bonnie is a star!! I had the opportunity to take a class from her; but, it was her sew live sessions that she would hold that hooked me into following her. For years, I didn't participate in mysteries because not knowing the end result was too big an obstacle. I always enjoyed seeing what other people's projects looked like and eventually gave it a try. I think the trick is to follow the directions about the fabric choices carefully. If the person has released other mysteries look at them and see if you like the "flavor" of their designs. Many mysteries can be make with half the number of blocks. If you like it, you can make more; but cut half the amount that you need to start. In the end, do what brings you joy. Life is way to short to do otherwise!!