Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Granddaughter's Dress--A Finish!

Adding the applique to the bodice
This project has been in my thoughts for a long time. Today is Miss J's eighth birthday. I made this pattern for J's sister for her birthday a couple years ago. I still had plenty of the knit fabric left so I looked through my stash for a coordinating cotton fabric. I found it in this zebra print. Not only was the color compatible; but the print was a score since J loves animals.

When the two granddaughters were over for a visit last week, we completed a quick measuring session. I do this a couple times a year. It is amazing how fast they grow! When I make them a wearable, I also make it a little bigger for growing room. Once I had the updated measurements, I drew off a pattern and cut out the pieces. I still have enough of the knit fabric for another project! Sometimes sewing up a chunk of fabric takes a number of tries!

Completed applique
I changed the thread on the serger to colors that were neutral to the knit fabric. In addition to using my fabric stash, I am also motivated to use my thread stash.

I decided the bodice needed a bit of a "pizazz" so I fused steam a seam two to the back of a zebra in the cotton fabric. Initially, I planned to fuse the zebra to the front of top. When I laid the zebra in place, however, it didn't show up because the value in the top fabric was so close to the value in the print fabric. 

To solve the value issue, I pulled a piece of black fabric and appliquéd the zebra to the black fabric. Then I appliquéd the black fabric to the front of the top. This took some time! To ensure that the motif would stay in place through wearing and washing, I machine topstitched the patch in place. I then stitched vertical lines behind the zebra in about eighth inch increments. That embellishment is there to stay!

Finished dress
It did take some time to finish this project. It always takes me more time to finish than I think it will! I used 1 1/2 yards of fabric which brings my total used this year to 20 3/4 yards. I hope my granddaughter will love this dress. I packaged it with a long sleeved shirt and tights so she can wear it now! This was goal number three on my November list

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. How many of you are cooking a turkey?  Are you serving your guests another main dish? Turkey doesn't agree with me. We're having brisket. This year I'm thankful that we get to host our immediate family.
We're excited. 

How many of you are baking pies and bread? I'll be putting together a couple of pies later today. One family requested pumpkin and the other family requested pecan. I'm always grateful to receive requests!

Have a wonderful holiday. If you're a Bonnie Hunter follower, you'll be poised for the release of the first clue of the mystery on Friday. If you aren't a follower, I hope that you will find some time to create!

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