Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Butterfly Is Glued

My last post regarding this project was late November 2020. Gluing the edges of the fabric bits had been on my to do list for a year. It wasn't a project that Gertie, my inner squirrel, or I was excited about doing. Gertie reminded me that if I wanted to move the project forward, I had to spend time working on it.

Last month, I listed it as one of my goals. I spent one 20 minute session gluing. Obviously, I wasn't motivated to work on it. Gertie told me at that rate, I would be gluing for months! We had a brainstorming session about what was holding me back and how to get this job completed. 

Frankly, gluing is boring. I'd rather be quilting or piecing. I decided that I'd glue 20 minutes every day I was in the studio. Four days passed. I had managed to busy myself with other projects. Gertie suggested at the next Zoom sew day I had that this project would be my focus. The day came, I managed to work on a couple other projects for the majority of the day. At the last hour, I cleared the sewing space, spread the top on the table and glued. 

Glued butterfly
A few days later, I spent most of the Zoom sew session, gluing. The following week at another Zoom sew session, I finished gluing the butterfly. Gertie was right. The Zoom sessions were the best vehicle to conquer the gluing step in the project. I was able to visit while I worked through this step of the project.

Brilliant! I had planned to layer, baste and quilt it when I finished gluing it. Now, I'm rethinking my options. Perhaps, I want to try using some tulle in the project. I plan to play a bit before I layer it. This was goal number 13 on my November list. It was goal number one on my fourth quarter list

Many of the scraps in this project came from my friend Martha. She would be pleased to see how I used her scraps! For now, I plan to ponder my options and confer with Gertie. 

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