Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Making Lemonade. . .A Tree Skirt Update

Stitching around the outer edge
In my last post about this project, I was ready to assemble and attach the ruffle to the tree skirt. There was a lot of fabric to gather so that process took some time. I pinned and machine basted the ruffle to the edge of the tree skirt. Then it was time to layer the fabrics and stitch around the edge leaving a space to turn the project. I had hand basted the edge because if there is fullness, the hand basting helps to have less opportunities to stitch tucks into the seam. 

When I turned the project, I learned that I had incorrectly layered the batting. I should have had it on the top of the sandwich instead of in the middle. . .What was I thinking??? Now my batting was on the outside of the project..

Because I had trimmed away the batting and trimmed all the seams, ripping the stitching around the edge and starting over would not work well. I now had a lemon on my hands. I've made at least four of these tree skirts and I'm not a rookie stitcher so I beat myself up for making that error. 

Gertie, my inner squirrel, hollered at me to stop berating myself. She suggested that I press the top and to pin another backing to the project. She thought that I could hand stitch the back to the top. I decided that I would give that process a try.

View of hand stitching ahead of me.
I trimmed away the initial backing that was now a layer in the center of project so that the piece wouldn't be so heavy. I also decided that I would turn under a scant quarter
of an inch on the sides of the backing so I had a solid edge to pin to the backing and so that I had a solid edge to stitch to the front! My plan is to hand stitch the backing during evening visits with my daughter. 

I made progress on this project which was goal number nine on my August list. I'm pleased that I didn't abandon the project. This is one time that I had to thank Gertie for keeping me on track with this project because I sure derailed myself! Gertie told me that I owe her one now! Oh Boy!! I can't imagine what adventure she will be up to next! 

The majority of my basting pins are in my challenge quilt. Yesterday, I spent some time ditch quilting that project. I freed enough pins to baste this tree skirt project. Today, I'll pin baste the layers to ensure less shifting of the layers as I stitch the backing. It will all work out. I'm happy to have taken the lemons that I created for myself and made lemonade!


BJ said...

Oh my. We all do such things and I am so glad you figured out a solution. It is never good to berate ourselves when they happen. You have a good Gertie. LOL said...

BJ--I'm slowly hand stitching those layers together. I'm learning how to better work with Gertie. She is currently helping me solve another project challenge. I like the "helpful" side of Gertie very much although, I'm sure that I'm building quite a debt to her! LOL Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!