Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Santa Tree Skirt Project Started

Piecing the sections

Goal number two on my July list was to begin piecing a Santa Tree skirt. This whole project is scraps from previous projects. . .actually most of the scraps are from previous Santa tree skirts. With this project, all that remains of the background fabric are some squares and triangles. I pieced the background fabric to make large enough pieces for this project!

This is my fifth tree skirt. The first I made as a Christmas present for a sister-in-law in the early 90s when I originally purchased the pattern. All the other tree skirts have been wedding gifts. I made one last year for a niece that married in August. One of the gifts that I received when I married was a small box of Christmas ornaments. I didn't have ornaments so that gift was appreciated at tree decorating time and appreciated every year since! I also don't have to worry about the couple receiving a duplicate!

Right side of the block
There are a lot of pieces in this project. I've found it helpful to label the pieces. I've also found it helpful to cut the whole project out at once. This is a Lorraine Stangess pattern that I picked up around 1992. Lorraine retired in 2019. This pattern has been out of print for a long time.

At the end of the first session of piecing sections together, I had three of the four sections mostly pieced together. I do best when I lay out the pieces for a section. After I piece a section, I piece another part of the segment. 

Completed block
At the end of the second session, I had the blocks pieced. At the end of the third session, I had drawn the eyes on the blocks, appliquéd the mustaches and stitched the blocks together.

I used a 60wt aurifil cream thread and a blind hem stitch to appliqué the mustaches. I used a setting of 1.5 width and 1 lenght for the setting. I used this stitch because I wanted the texture of the thread to show on the applique. I wanted the stitching to add a little more definition to the block. I also used a piece of exam table paper as a stabilizer on the back of the block. After I finished adhering the mustache to the face, I removed the paper from the back of the block. Removing the paper was easy.

Top ready for the ruffle
There are a lot of places in the design where if the sections don't line up, it would be noticeable. Fortunately, the sections lined up within reason. After all the years since this pattern was released, I still think it is a happy block.

At the end of the third session, I had pieced the blocks together. I made the ties and stitched the sections of the ruffle together. Next up is to stitch the ruffle and to add the ties.  I'll layer it and stitch around the edges. After it is stitched, I'll turn it right side out. Then it will be time to quilt it!

Even though I've completed a good part of this project, I still have hours left before it will be a finish. It isn't a time sensitive project. My plan is to get this project to the quilting stage and let it marinate until I finish quilting my challenge project. 


Luann Fischer said...

Is this one for you? I’m sure it feels good to be getting some progress made on Christmas projects. Good to see your activity. All the best to everyone on the other side of our country.

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

This Santa tree skirt is amazing. The expression of Santa is just too precious. I have never thought of a tree skirt for a wedding gift what a wonderful idea. I will have to remember that. Have a wonderful day and happy quilting said...

Luann, nope. . .this one isn't for me. It is for an upcoming wedding. The date hasn't been announced; but, there is an engagement ring! Take care of yourself! said...

Melissa, the Santa expression is part of the pattern. I too like the sense of a "twinkle!" My goal for a wedding gift is to gift something personal that the couple can enjoy for lots of years.