Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Frolic--Post 6

Partial layout of the blocks
The last time that I posted about this project was in November. Since then, I've puttered with making a block or a half block here and there. This month, I decided it was time to get serious about making progress on this project. The bits required to make a block take up space! I made finishing the blocks my "One Monthly Goal" for February. When I set the goal, I estimated that I had ten full blocks to make as well as some half blocks. 

After I finished, "Little Bits," I again pulled out the Frolic bits and blocks. These blocks are set on point. Figuring out what my plan was took me several hours. I made a few more blocks; but, I was spending more time wondering if my math was correct in my plan than I was sewing! 

Turning a half block into a full block
I finally took the blocks off of the design wall and laid them out on the floor. I'm glad that I laid the blocks on the floor. I saw that I had too many light full blocks and not enough light half blocks. I made notes on what needed to occur in the rows; but, I didn't take detailed photos. In retrospect, it would have been helpful to have taken photos row by row!

In moving this project forward, I realized it would take more than making the blocks. . .I was going to have to assemble the blocks into rows. When I picked up the rows, I stacked them in the order I had planned to sew them. I
also decided to start with the longest row first. The pieced skinny sashing took some time to piece since there were a lot of matching opportunities. The process wasn't difficult; but, time consuming. Once I stitch the rows on either side of the longest row, the remaining shorter rows will go together faster. Since I will be making 16 more full blocks and 4 more half blocks, I will also be cutting more pieces for the sashing. 

I pieced a half dark block into a full block. I had it pieced before I realized that the additional light blue fabrics that I cut weren't the same as the ones already in the block. ARG!!!!! How I didn't notice this until I was ready to piece into a row is beyond me!

Updated block
At first, I decided to leave it. BUT because I knew leaving it would bother me, I frogged stitched and added the same fabric. Since I replaced those fabrics, I'm happier with how the finished block looks.

My plan today is to finish piecing the second row that I started yesterday and to cut more sashing pieces. I also want to make some progress on my Temperature quilt.


Luann Fischer said...

Great progress! said...

Thanks, Luann!

Mereknits said...

It is so gorgeous! Well done with the fabric choices, it is going to be so beautiful. Stay safe. said...

Thank you, Meredith! Much of those fabrics came from stash. . . some of it deep stash! LOL