Wednesday, August 5, 2020

July Recap and Santa Ornament--post 1

Santa ornament packaging
Even though, I didn't have one finish to list, I'm calling July a win! Of the seven goals I listed for myself in July, I completed two of them. I organized a fabric shelf in the studio and I started cross stitching the Santa ornaments which is goal number nine on my FAL (Finish A Long) list. I didn't start the flounce leggings for the girls, nor did I quilt the small wall hanging, nor did I start piecing the scrap tie fabrics. 

I didn't finish quilting Unity; but, I am making steady progress on the project. Unless something earth shattering happens and at the rate I'm stitching, it will be a September or October finish. I did manage to place a lot of applique shapes on the butterfly project. I've many more shapes to place before the top is complete. 

Regarding the cross stitch Santa ornaments, this kit was in Martha's stash. The Fred Meyer price on the package was marked clearance at $1.17. Martha had an eagle eye for a bargain! The copyright on the packaging was dated 1994. The kit has been around for awhile!

In my first evening of stitching, I didn't make much progress. The piece of plastic is large enough for all of the ornaments and I wanted
Starting the ornament
to be sure I had positioned the first ornament with enough room for the other ornaments to be stitched!

I do like that the chart is large and it is easier for me to read. I haven't stitched on plastic canvas before. I do like how it holds it shape and I do like it will be a sturdier base for the ornament. I think the girls would like the plastic because it is easier to count!

At the end of the July, I had one ornament mostly finished. I needed to add the backstitching. At the rate, I'm stitching, I won't finish this project either by September; but, I am making progress and enjoying the stitching. In the end, progress
Ready for outline stitching
and fun are what counts!

I am paying attention to what the back of my work looks like. I have thought about cutting a piece of felt to cover the back of the ornaments because it would look more finished. This is a decision that can wait! I plan to gift the ornaments as they would make a nice gift as a set of six!

My August goals are to rolled over from July!
1. Continue to make progress on the Unity quilting.
---I'm setting aside one to hours most days to work on this project. (That is about all the quilting that my body can handle!)
2. Continue to make progress on the applique butterfly project.
--I'm setting aside a minimum of an hour a day to place shapes on this project. I'm also taking a photo at the end of each week to document my progress.
3. Make the flounce leggings for the girls.
4. Stitch a couple Santa ornaments on the plastic canvas. (One ornament is almost finished!)
5. Add hand embroidery to the little flower wall hanging.
6. Start piecing together scraps from the tie project.
7. Thin clothing patterns by one box.
Let's see what I've accomplished at the end of the month!

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