Sunday, May 17, 2020

Unity-Post 4

Contents of quart ziplock bag
As I reviewed the directions for the fifth clue on Bonnie Hunter's "Unity" sew a long, I remembered that I had a small zip lock bag with some smallish pieces of neutrals. I pulled out the pieces and sorted them. About a third of the bag were string size pieces. I put those in my string bag.

I trimmed some small pieces to 1 1/2 inch pieces. I added these strips to the 1 1/2 inch bag. I worked my way through the bag setting aside the bits that would work for this clue. When I finished, I cut the half square triangles for the goose wings.

Pieced geese and squares ready for 
I cut a section and then I pieced a section. From the neutral scraps, I was able to piece all the geese. Once I had pieced all the geese, I pulled all of the white and cream squares from my neutral bag of squares. In the end, I only needed to cut an additional 20 squares!

Bonnie Hunter's scrap saving system comes in handy. It is so nice to pick the size strip or square needed and start sewing rather than start cutting. I also like that when I've completed a project, I cut the leftover pieces into the various strips and squares. The bits are corralled into useful sizes for a future project. It is fun to use those pieces in a quilt project later!
Clue five finished

I was ready to stitch the goose border to the quilt when I realized that I had a couple fabrics too close together. I took some time and reworked those areas. Yes, I could have sewn it the way it was. It would have been okay. I like it better with the changes so taking the extra time was with the effort. I like the interest the flying geese borders added to the project.

Clue six was to make a lot of red and white half square triangles. (HSTs) From the neutral ziplock bag, I've used a lot of the chunks. I hope that I have enough to finish this project!

Clue six complete
Over several days, I used the Essential Triangle tool to cut triangles from the red strips that I had on hand. I sewed a few each day until I was finished. It helped to sew some as leaders and enders.

I had a birthday yesterday. My sweet husband wrote a note in a card that said, "I was looking for a specific gift that would be very unique; but, I couldn't find it. It was a whole day of quilting without having to rip. Amazon couldn't find it either."
My birthday dinner and the cook
He knows me so well! He also cooked me an amazing steak dinner. No, I couldn't eat all of it and will have about half of it for another mean! Our London daughter FaceTimed me. Our "in the area" daughter and family dropped by for a social distance visit. I received birthday wishes from many of my fellow quilters. It was a great day.

Regarding Covid statistics:
Worldwide--4.6M confirmed; 1.7M recovered; 312K deaths
U.S.--1.5M confirmed; 274K recovered; 89,439 deaths
Oregon--3,541 confirmed; 3,470 positive; 137 deaths

Last week, the Oregon governor approved 31 counties to reopen under specific guidelines. Two counties were not approved and three counties didn't apply. I live in one of the counties which didn't apply. My county didn't meet the
The next phase in CPR training
guidelines to apply to reopen. It might meet those guidelines in another month.

I did lead CPR skill sessions at the hospital two days last week. Wearing a mask and gloves, standing six feet away from the participants who are also masked and gloved was a different experience. Cleaning all the surfaces between participants was different too. It was a challenge to describe how to do a skill instead of demonstrating and/or physically moving a participant's hands into the correct position. I was tired at the end of each day! Still it felt good to "teach" again!

In terms of CPR, this CPR cart represents the next phase of training. This cart can be rolled into each department. The participant can log in and complete their certification without the assistance of an instructor.


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It’s amazing how adaptable we have become. said...

True, Luann. We are more adaptable than we realize!