Sunday, May 31, 2020

Santa Tree Skirt--post 2

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Since my last post on this project, I began with a restart on the basting. The directions are to layer the the top right side up, the backing right side down and the batting. I followed the directions and placed pins around the outer edge. For batting, I used leftover chunks of  from previous projects that I stitched together. I find this is a good way to have little waste when it comes to batting. Also, because I quilt fairly densely, I don't find the batting "joins" to be an issue.

After pinning, I flipped the project over and pinned the outer edge of the layers together. After the crawling issues I had when trying to stitch the layers together the first time, I decided to take an extra step to stabilize the layers. I hand basted around the perimeter as well as around the inner edge.
Pinned layers ready for basting

The hand basting along with the pins and using a walking foot with a longer stitch worked great. I had little movement of the layers. I almost forgot to leave space to turn the project; but, I remembered that detail so no ripping was involved!

After I finished stitching the layers together, I trimmed or graded the edge and turned the project right side out. Grading is a method to reduce bulk along the edges of a project. I carefully pressed the outer edges. To keep the edges in place, I topstitched close to the edge of the project. I used tan thread in the the needle and red thread in the bobbin. I love my Bernina's tension because you can't tell what the thread is on the other side of the quilt!
Pinned ready for quilting

I pinned the layers together to ready the project for quilting. I quilted in the ditch to stabilize the layers. I used cotton threads that were close to the color of the fabric. This time, I used a similar color in the bobbin as the needle.

I used my Westalee 12 inch arc ruler which has a straight edge to quilt the coat of the Santa. I haven't used my rulers in some time so I needed to practice. I also am trying to mark less and I needed to practice alignments and think through the quilting pattern.
Close up of the first quilting

I did draw my quilting design on a piece of paper and liked it. When I quilted the top of the coat, my design was okay; but, I didn't like how it looked at the bottom of the coat. The piecing lines fought with the quilting lines.

I did like the texture of the quilting. I did like the way the thread blended into the fabric as well as the color. I used Superior Thread's Bottom line. I spent some time ripping the horizontal lines and found that I liked the quilting much better.
Coat quilting design

I stitched a second "coat" with only diagonal lines. I liked that quilting much better. I always find it interesting when less is more!

As I approached the seam intersections, I found that I need to lower the foot presser to be able to cross without pulling the fabric out of shape.

I thought that I had checked the back for issues; but, I managed to stitch in a big tuck. So I got to do a little frog stitching. I wasn't able to fix it completely; but, it is much better and the label will cover most of it!
Miss K modeling her birthday dress.

I wanted to share a photo of Miss K in her birthday dress. Gosh it was cute on her! The fit was right on. I posted about the birthday dress here if you missed that post. I sure miss spending time with the granddaughters. I really miss their hugs!

Regarding Covid-19:
Worldwide: 6.08M have it, 2.57M recovered, 370K deaths
U.S.: 1.81M have it, 390K recovered, 105K deaths
Oregon: 4,185 have it, 153 deaths

It was sad that more than 100K people in the U.S. have died. More businesses are opening in the area. I did have a massage which was helpful. Other than a trip to the chiropractor,  a massage appointment, the birthday party drive by and a pick up for my hubby who was out on a bike ride and needed support, I'm staying home. I so look forward to shopping without having to wear a mask or practice social distancing!

Yesterday in my home town in Central Oregon, they had a serious thunder/wind storm which caused a lot of damage. I think my family is all okay although they have a lot of property damage.

Friday night, rioters looted stores, burned buildings, broke windows and tagged stores in downtown Portland in response to the death of George Floyd. I was shocked at people causing damage to businesses. I don't understand how causing destruction furthers their cause. It is a crazy world and crazy times.


Rebecca Grace said...

I think they are mostly different groups of people (with some overlapping)-- well-organized, peaceful protestors on the one hand, and opportunistic individuals who are taking advantage of the situation to loot stores. It does not help that so many people are out of work, out of food, and without hope right now, and these economic impacts of the pandemic shutdown are impacting low income and minority people disproportionately because the minimum wage, service industry type jobs are not the kind that people can do working from home. I saw a woman on TV running out of a CVS with a case of diapers. No one loots diapers from a CVS unless they have a baby at home who needs diapers, you know? So it's the racial tensions on top of economic desperation, like kerosene on a fire. But your birthday dress is darling, and I'm so glad you got to see your granddaughter for her birthday! said...

Rebecca, The groups here were throwing malatoff cocktails at police vehicles, torching the vehicle, looting high end stores and walking out with iPads. I watched people break windows to gain access into the Justice Center and then light it on fire. I watched other people break windows and tag businesses. I can't see how that activity helps their cause. Those businesses are struggling already and now must spend even more money to repair windows, remove the tagging and replace what was fire bombed.

I too am glad I was able to see my granddaughter on her birthday. I look forward to when we can get together again!