Sunday, November 17, 2019

Hawaiian Vacation--post 4

Fish and reef life side one
Fish and reef line side two
Ice ledge
Charging devices
Sunday we snorkeled on our own. . .it felt weird to not to be a threesome! The cards above list the sea life available in the area. We saw so many varieties listed which was so cool!

We went to a couple craft/art fairs and did a little tourist shopping. We had a beer at Maui Brewery. Bob wanted to sit at the bar. When our beverages arrived, I understood why sitting at the bar was important. There was a three inch strip at the top of the bar that contained an icy strip. This is where you placed your drinks to keep them cold! Ingenious!
Mill House burger and fries
Portuguese Pork Sausages and sweet potato chips

Monday morning, we saw the most turtles ever. Bob counted 27!! I just enjoyed watching them swim, dive and surface so effortlessly. When we snorkeled in the afternoon, we saw an octopus moving in the crevices of the reef. We also saw a green spotted fish that wasn't on our fish card. We also saw 19 turtles. Many of these were not feeding in among the rocks; but, were swimming from the rocks to deeper areas of the ocean which was so cool to watch. Wow! I am going to miss turtle watching!

In the evening, we ate a few more fish tacos. We did a great job clearing out the refrigerator so we shopped well initially!

We spent Tuesday morning packing our bags and charging our electronic devices. While our devices charged, we enjoyed the last views on the beach front. We played a few more games of cribbage and most of the time, Bob won. I'll admit it. . .he skunked me on a regular basis!!!

Mill House grounds
This was a terrific vacation. We are planning to visit again. Warm temperatures and snorkeling are the big pulls for a return visit. . .spending some time with a couple daughters would make the trip awesome too!

We headed to the Mill Place for our last lunch. It still is my favorite place to eat on the island although, I missed our first waiter who was so great with the kids. I understand his name is Jared and he works the dinner shift. Next time we come to Maui,  dinner will be in our plans!!!

Border planting at the Mill House

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