Sunday, August 11, 2019

Spinning Blocks Good Fortune Mystery-post 3

The parts for the spinning blocks
I did well keeping up with the clues as Bonnie Hunter released them last fall/winter. When she posted the reveal, I stopped stitching on the project. I suppose the secret was out and the project lost a little of its allure. I had some other projects that I needed to finish. When I was making my goals for the quarter last month, I decided that I wanted to finish this project before the next mystery started next Fall.

In June, I reacquainted myself with the project and had stitched on it a couple of times. I decided one way to make progress each month was to make this project the sit and sew project that I took to my quilt get togethers each month. For the month of July, I decided my goal would be to make the 25 spinning blocks.
Finger pressed block
One spinning block complete

It is good to have a project that is repetitive piecing so one can visit without stitching the wrong parts together! When people saw what I was working on, the comments were that it was a lot of pieces. I didn't think it was so many pieces; but, then I counted. Twenty-eight pieces per block. Yes, they were right. There are a lot of pieces to this block!

I spent three days or about 12 hours piecing these blocks. Because I had used a variety of green scraps for the pinwheel blades, I spent some time creating "kits" to achieve a better mix of the fabrics.

The blue fabrics are also varied. Because they were closer in value, I decided not to be concerned about the placement of the various blues. It wasn't easy matching all those points. In some blocks, I was more successful than I was in others. I decided close enough was good enough!! I finger pressed as I went. I saved pressing until I had finished the blocks.

Stack of completed 25 spinning blocks
I think the finger pressing technique was helpful because there was less opportunity for me to stretch the blocks during the pressing process. I also was impressed that the blocks are within a hair of 12 1/2 inches square!

Now I have a stack of 25 spinning blocks. This month my goal is to finish the secondary block that features the four patches and orange strings that were clue numbers one and four respectively. In clue seven, we stitched some four patches together which will be part of the secondary block.

Tomorrow, I'll start stitching the secondary block!


Luann Fischer said...

Although I truly adore Bonnie’s quilts, I’ve come to accept that ‘scrappy and mystery’ don’t work well together for me, LOL. And there’s always that ‘rebel child’ that says,,,, but you have so many ideas of your own ! ! ! ! However, I’m currently working on A Stroll In Paris with Gudrun Erla (a 9 month BOM), Scrappy Geese with Leila Gardunia as well as her Fresh & Scrappy 2019 BOM, and Leah Day’s Friendship Quilt Along. Funny how one says they don’t do..... and then they realize,,, Oh, YES, I do!!
Your blocks look great and I must agree that sometimes ‘close enough’ is ‘good enough’ because . . . WE ARE ENOUGH !!!!!
Give the kiddos a hug from the Granny they haven’t met YET.

Anonymous said...

Luann, We are enough!! It is fun to have different types of projects to stitch. It would be boring if I only pieced or appliqu├ęd. By having a variety of projects, I can keep dabbling!! My grandkiddos would sure enjoy meeting you!!! I'll never use up all of my own ideas as I have so many. I work on a project and come up with ten or more thoughts on "future" projects! Quilting is such a good hobby for keeping our brains "engaged!"