Sunday, August 25, 2019

Supporting the Boutique

Two collapsable shopping bags
Our Mt. Hood Quilt guild will be holding "A Symphony of Color" quilt show at the Springwater Church of the Nazarene in Gresham, Oregon September 13 and 14. I love the name of the show as quilt shows are a wonderful blend of colors, textures and patterns! If you are in the area, please come visit the show!

This is the guild's second biennial quilt show. Members are supporting a boutique. Martha and I've done our part to stitch some items to sell during the show. I stitched two shopping bags that are about 11 inches wide by 17 inches tall that can be rolled up and slipped into your purse. In this day of bring your own bag, I hope that these will sell.
Pincushions, baby slippers, fabric baskets
and cell phone bag 

I stitched a small (four inches wide by six inches tall) cell phone pocket that I decorated with couched threads. It is for the times you don't have a pocket but want to carry your cell phone with you.

Cord holder, roll up make up bag,
waste bag and thread catcher
In Martha's stash, she had made a number of pincushions using a log cabin design. She even made one with machine embroidery. . .I liked the patriotic theme! She also had a box of parts for baby slippers. I made six pairs. . .if these don't sell. . .I think a single one would make a cute pin cushion. . .Perhaps, I have pincushions on my mind!!!! I also made three small reversible fabric baskets. These could be a thread catcher or a gift basket to hold a spool of thread or candy or some other small item.
Small gift bags, luggage tags
and wine bottle gift bag

I also made a thread catcher using an embroidery hoop as a way to keep the top open for easy access. I made a roll up make up bag/pencil holder bag and some cord holders.
Chenille potholders and ruler tote

The cord holders are cool because they stay on your cord when you thread the cord through the covered rubber band. You can write you name on the inside of the holder. Now, if you leave your machine cord at a class or retreat, it can come back to you. Also, it helps remind you to pack up your cord! Next to the thread catcher is a waste/trash bag that could go in your car. Martha made this one!

Medium size patchwork handbag
I made an assortment of luggage tags which would be great to mark sewing machine cases as well as luggage. I made three small gift bags. They are cute when they are full. A ring is what makes the closure. The top of the bag when closed reminds me of a jester's hat. Martha had made a padded gift bag for a bottle of wine.

I stitched a ruler tote bag using selvages to create the outside of the bag. The pockets in this tote will easily hold a 6x24 inch ruler! From a project bag of Martha's were the makings for chenille potholders. I finished the project and added them six to the sale items.

On the guild free table was a kit to make the patchwork handbag. I boxed the corners, added pockets to the lining and added a zipper to close the top of the bag along with a decorative binding for the top edge. These fabrics were made in Japan and they feel like linen. I hope someone will buy this bag! Between Martha and me, we will be donating almost 50 items to the sale!


Luann Fischer said...

I’m so very happy for you!!! And Martha would be giving you a big hug about now, so consider yourself hugged from afar! I do have a question that you may prefer to email the answer,, how does your guild decide on the prices to put on these items? That would be harder than the making of them for me,,,,
Congratulations on getting all of these lovelies ready for people to enjoy. said...

Luann, We were asked to put a price on an item. The committee will meet on Wednesday to price the items. Whether or not the committee takes the pricing information and follows it, I don’t know. I guess I’ll find out at the show if my pricing suggestions were followed! Martha had priced some of her things and I followed her lead. Martha often made items for boutiques so she knew the price someone would pay. I do want the items to sell! I also think as this is the second time the guild has held a show, we are still finding our way. As we become more established, I imagine we would be able to charge a little more. I priced the pincushions at $5 a piece because the chairs of that committee said that they needed $5 and $10 items more than they needed $30-$50 items because their experience from the first year was that people were more likely to purchase items that were less expensive.