Wednesday, May 29, 2019

"Into The Depths" Is London Bound

Strip center possibility
Daughter, N, spent a little time with us over the Memorial Day holiday. For those of you who have followed this blog, you will note how "cold" she has been living in London. In other words, I haven't made her a quilt recently. I've fabric and I've a pattern; but, I've allowed other projects to get ahead of her project. During her visit, she perused my completed projects and selected a throw size quilt that she can curl up with on her couch on a cool day.

This was a project that originated from a 2 1/2 inch batik strip exchange. Some strips came from my small group; the majority of the strips came from participants from "The Quilt Show." I did add some strips just to be able to get the shading to work. It is an Elsie Campbell pattern from her book String Quilts published in 2009.

It was truly a great project to practice how value works. I spent hours creating strip sets and then cutting wedges which I then stitched together. It took a long time!!!

London bound
I named this quilt, "Into the Depths." It is a book club quilt inspired by "Shadow of the Wind," which
Carlos Ruiz wrote. It is made entirely of batiks.

Of all the throw sized projects I have finished, had I been the one to choose one for her, this was one of two I would have picked! Funny that we have the same likes!!!

It will brighten her space and bring a little of Oregon across the pond. All is good!!!!


Unknown said...

That's a beautiful quilt! I can see why she chose it!!

Luann Fischer said...

A beautiful quilt for a beautiful daughter. said...

Thank you, Nancy! I spent a lot more time than I care to admit in trying to get the depth to show in each block!!! I sure liked how it turned out in the end! said...

Thank you Luann! She is a special daughter and I'm glad she liked that particular quilt best!