Sunday, May 26, 2019

Continuing the Sketching Process

Small sketch examples in my new journal--sharing space with Miss J
Since the sketchbook revival online workshop ended earlier this month, I've continued making an effort to draw every day. For my birthday, I received a paper journal made out of an old book. My son-in-law saw it when he was out for breakfast. I am honored he thought of me and truly, it is a perfect choice. First, the cover is red which is my favorite color. Second, it was "The Encyclopedia of Modern Sewing." It contains a few pages and photos of "modern sewing" circa 1946! Third, it is spiral bound so it is easy to use all of the pages! Miss J likes drawing in it too! So far, I've completed small pencil drawings.
The drawing spilled over into my bullet journal

I've also incorporated small drawings in my bullet journal. I sometimes use color pencil to add a little detail. Sometimes, I draw in ink; but, most of the time, I use pencil. For the longest time, I didn't know what I should add or where I should add it. . .now, I just take a space from one of the pages and add a little drawing. I also have added little drawings to my daily tasks page. I'm finding it fun to add these bits. It doesn't take long. I can tell practice makes a difference as I am improving. I like how the drawings and color brighten the page.

Color pencil doodles among my daily entries 
Play results with some friends
By the way, I am liking the bullet journal process. I like using the pages to plan tasks to accomplish and to set goals for the month. I can't say that I've improved meeting my monthly goals.  Writing down my goals and reviewing them helps me make progress.

I also find that I do work in the journal at least once a day and I have found myself referring to it to keep myself on task! This is an improvement over using planners in the past! When I finish the pages in this journal, I have another journal waiting to be the next bullet journal. The next one has paper that I will be able to add watercolor paints which will give me another area to practice!

Lastly, a couple of friends came over and I shared the "Sketching Our Intuition" exercise that Angela Fehr led.  We had fun dabbling the watercolors across the page and seeing what designs we made.

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