Sunday, December 31, 2017

Piecing the Clue-Happy New Year!

Finished top--measurers 92 1/2 inches x 92 1/2 inches
Happy New Year! I hope that all your celebrations are fun and safe! I can't believe how quickly this year has flown. I suppose that I was too busy in the studio as well as hanging with the family to notice how quickly the time went!

I imagine 2018 will go by at least as fast. Tomorrow, I'll begin thinking about projects to complete and goals to accomplish. Today, I'm sharing my progress with the mystery online block of the month (BOM).

When I posted my quarterly goals regarding finishing this mystery BOM project, I thought I just had one clue left to piece. Turns out that I had two clues! The first clue or clue number nine was to put the blocks together and add the pieced border to the top. I was psyched that my points ended up okay and that the border size was the same size as the top!

The second clue or clue number 10 was to add two more plain borders. I cut the fabric. Next I stitched it to the top. That process went well. It just took longer than I envisioned. It is 92 1/2 inches square so long seams are involved!

It is too big to photograph anywhere in our house. In my finished photo, there is a 4 1/2 inch dark brown border outside of the pink border which is too dark to see.

Then it was on to piecing the back. I like to use the leftovers from the top so the "remains" don't go back in my stash. Sometimes, I have leftover parts which I incorporate into the design. I like the personality a pieced back adds to the quilt.

Small bits pieced together
into a useable strip
The strip pieced into the back

First, I stitched the small pieces together. Then, I added larger chunks until I had created enough fabric for the back. It is freeing to piece the back.  For example, no one knows if the seams are quarter inch or not! Besides, needing to have six yards of fabric for the back can get expensive. Why not use what I've been enjoying on the shelf?

The pieced section of squares within a square was one of the steps in the mystery; but, I didn't have enough contrast so I remade the step. I saved the low volume strip to add to the back. I love how much interest those strips add!

I did purchase a remnant because I didn't have enough leftover fabrics for the back. The green batik in the photo was a yard of extra wide backing fabric. It worked perfectly with the other fabrics in this back.

The back it too big for me to photograph all at once; but, you can get the idea of what it looks like. When I piece a back, I generally allow a full day to finish the task. It is surprising how long it takes to sew the little bits together and attach to the bigger bits. Then there is a bit of designing that happens as to how the bits will fit together!

Leftover bits
I don't have many bits leftover for cutting into Bonnie Hunter's scrap saving system. I do have a little yardage left of the dark brown batik and a little yardage left of the cream background. Since my stash is low on darks and lights, I planned to have a little leftover!

Pin basting the layers together was a big job. I chose a wool batting by Hobbs for this project. I tried to baste the layers on my kitchen table; but, the process was just not working well. (I was concerned that I wouldn't keep the back square enough in relation to the top.)

I took the top, the batting and the back to the floor. Ugh! Floor work is not for me! My knees, neck and back complained mightily the entire time. After a couple of days, I was over the pain. I did close the pins and trim the excess batting at the table.
Pin basting in process

I think that was the last time I'll be on the floor pinning a huge quilt. I'll either refrain from making such huge projects (probably not a realistic solution since I have at least three more big quilts in the works) or I'll have them basted on a longarm.

I'm pleased the project is ready for ditch quilting as that was my goal at the beginning of the quarter. I did cut the binding and piece it so it is ready when I reach that stage. The sleeve is cut and ready to be applied when the quilting is finished.

This was an online mystery BOM with members of "The Quilt Show (TQS) in 2015. I sure enjoyed piecing the clues and kept up until clue nine! I also enjoyed making a medallion style quilt. For those that wanted a smaller size project, it was possible to stop after you had reached the size you wanted!

Now to be thinking about what kind of fun I'll do in all those sections. Perhaps, I'll incorporate ruler work into the quilting. . .


ecker.carol said...

Wow! Unbelievable ,Terry. Happy New Year to you and Bob

Monica said...

Congratulations, it's beautiful! I love the rich colours. And I certainly understand the problem with the floor!

Happy new year too!

Unknown said...

Your mystery quilt turned out beautiful! Happy New Year!!

Luann Fischer said...

Your BOM turned out wonderful. And as I was reading how you ended up on the floor, all I could think of was,,, Call your longarm quilter for help with basting it. I’m not sure what anyone charges, but it’s very easy and if you can find a friend, help with the pinning, chat while the ‘giant meander’ takes place, it will help your back, legs, neck, and all other parts of the body!! Another reason we should live closer, right? LOL said...

Thanks, Carol. Happy New Year to you and Tom. It is good to hear from you! said...

Monica, it surprises. . .no amazes me that (a) these fabrics but for the dark brown were in my stash and (b) it ended up looking so great and I didn't have any idea how the fabrics were going to be used! Thanks! said...

Thanks, Nancy. Perhaps, it won't take me another two years to get it quilted! said...

Thanks, Luann. Perhaps there is a third option . . .to purchase a long arm! Perhaps, there is even a fourth option. . .to involved the grands! Yes, we should live closer! LOL!!!!!

sewengel said...

terry, I LOVE that quilt. I tried to find it on TQS and no luck. Can I get the pattern from you. Lovely quilt.
HAppy New Year! HUgs, Sharon said...

Sharon, it was fun to piece together the clue each month and see what the round was going to look like. I'll PM you the TQS person to ask.

Diane-crewe said...

beautiful x said...

Thank you, Diane!

Janice Smith said...

Hi Terry,
It looks wonderful!
A friend had a tip that might be another option. She contacted her local library and asked if she could use one of the meeting rooms for a very short time to layer a quilt. They readily agreed as there was no meeting scheduled. She moved three long tables together and completed the task. I thought it was a super idea. said...

Thanks, Janice! The tables at the library might work too!