Saturday, March 18, 2017

Month 2 of 8 of Quilt As You Go (QAYG)

Block 1 using the spin effects template
These past two weeks, I've been working on the second month of the Quilt As You Go (QAYG) ruler class.

If you missed the first post, you can read it here. Our assignment this month was to quilt the four 12 1/2 inch blocks. The videos that were released with the class gave us three blocks that the quilting was similar in scale and stitch density. The fourth, while a good block in terms of variety, didn't have enough similar characteristics to work with these three blocks. I planned to design my own for the fourth block!

WARNING: This is a lengthy post so grab a cup of something!

I liked using the 5.5 inch spin effects template for the center spinning star. We used the 6 inch arc which worked great. However, I never did figure out how to use the 6" spiral ruler. I couldn't see in the video how the top of the template should be centered. It works and it is finished which is terrific!!!

Marked lines for block 2
The second block used the 5.5 inch spin effect template too. We just made five of them! Marking was going to be the key to the success of this block.

Finished block 2
I don't own the large eight point cross hair square. The directions in the video made the marking seem difficult. But, when I looked closely at the block, it was four motifs around a central motif. So, I marked a 12 1/2" square. From there, I marked the diagonal, horizontal and vertical lines. Then, I divided the remaining space into four 6 1/4" blocks.

I noted that in the video, the non slip tape wasn't applied to the template. I used the template without the tape; but, I'll be adding the tape. The template was still a challenge to hold in place even though I followed the directions and "pinned" the template to the center of the block. I stitched the four outside blocks first.

These went fairly quickly. I was about one stitch off at the beginning and end of the stitching. I'm not sure why that happened. So I imagine it will continue to happen until I figure out the cause! LOL

I liked how the outer design went together. The directions were to stitch this part first! I could envision other applications using this ruler.  This particular design would be a great all over pattern.

It wasn't tricky stitching the center star last. I stitched slowly and managed the back tracking well. The challenge with this design was that it didn't fill the space. So I added some half designs and now the space is more evenly quilted like the first block. JoJo, over at Through My Hands, gave me that idea as that was what she did!

Back of second block

Small section of design added between the larger motifs.

Third block front
The third block was a bugger. It used the 3.5 inch spin effects template.  I had a difficult time trying to see in the video how to line up the template. When I was finished, the space felt like it needed more stitching. I didn't have any ideas so I let it sit for a few days.

Third block back

Third block with a few curved lines

Then, I thought, "Why not add a few curved lines around the outer edge of the design to frame it?" I did and I liked the result!

Suggested design of the 4th block

This was what the fourth block was supposed to look like. While I liked the designs, it didn't appeal to me because it is so different from the other blocks this month. I ordered a set of feather templates through the quilt shop at the previous lesson to use for this block; but, the order didn't arrive until the class meeting. What a bummer on so many levels!!! It is hard to spend money on a product; but, not get it until a month later!

So two days before the QAYG class, I took the template that I had used for the third block and drew a design.

Then, I made copies of the design. I cut some of the copies apart in different ways. I left one copy whole. Next, I played with what designs I could make.

To get an accurate drawing, I need to have a spacer on my pencil so that I draw with the 1/4 inch space like when I stitch! Below are the photos of a few of the designs that I made in paper!

This layout reminded me of grapefruit halves
Hmmm possible border design?

Fractured design. I like the open spaces;
but, this is a little too big.

This was the design I decided to try!

4th block. . .still needs quilting
This block went together relatively quickly. I liked it; but, it didn't quite fill the space. In looking at the design, I could  see that I need to pebble the centers and add a curved line or two to accentuate the open spaces made by the four "flowers" together.

Spaces quilted
Close up of center

I liked what I designed!!! I was almost behind because my template set didn't arrive. I was excited that I could push outside my box and come up with a design. I'm ecstatic over how much I enjoy this block now. This is my favorite so far!


Monica said...

I really like them all, the templates are giving a beautiful result. But, the fourth one is definitely the prettiest, with all those extra details. So nice to do the exercise, and then take it a step further! said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Monica, I was happy to be able to make my own design. The first time I do something new is always a challenge. . .well, there is that fear factor. . .I wonder if I will ever be able to put that behind me and start with what if first instead???

Nancy said...

Beautiful work! You're definitely going to be a ruler quilting master at the end of this class!

Luann Fischer said...

I'm impressed, you are really knocking it out of the ball park! I'm sure you're just beaming when you look at these blocks. I like the fourth one best.

Unknown said...

Wow you are learning a lot! said...

Joanne, I am learning a lot! Now. . .if I can replicate how to use those rulers on a future project. . . .!!!!!! said...

Nancy, I am enjoying the end result. The process is challenging though! said...

Luann, It was good to push myself on that fourth block. Now, I know with a little perseverance, I can do this!

Nicole Knott said...

Looking pretty good - now to put it to practice on a larger quilt... Brrr... I like the second block with the pattern repeating/interlocking into the repeated design. Good going for people who like patterns! said...

Nicole, of course, you would prefer the second block. . .there is nothing floral about it! You can never tell when additional mayhem may be starting in the studio to assist that extra cold person!!!

Anonymous said...

I really like the third block with curved lines. They are all so interesting though and I'm enjoying seeing your class results. Looks very tricky!
Karen said...

Thanks, Karen. I think those curved lines made a big difference in that block. I liked it so much more with that simple addition!